New BVC coils for BDC Clearomizer floods under 1.4ml mark

I bought the new BVC coils yesterday and from the 3 that I tested, it flood very often every time e-liquid goes under the 1.4 ml mark on my Aspire ET close to the top of the coil. There don't seem to have this effect with a full tank yet (it was completely full, now at 2.4ml mark). I get a gurgling sound and vapor production decreases, the battery gets e-liquid too. I need to blow in the drip tip and clean the battery. I had to do this about 15 times in 24 hours. The liquid I use is 70/30 PG/VG. I had no problem with the BDC coils with only occasional flooding.
Is it a common problem with those ?
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  • Yes, mine does EXACTLY the same thing. I've had this piece of JUNK for three days. The e-liquid (uncle junk's) leaks out through the air holes, the 510 spring is crooked and the lock ring spins. This Aspire Nautilus tank is absolute GARBAGE and the worst money I have spent on vape gear! How wonderful it feels to get STUCK with faulty gear. This company should be ashamed.
  • It seemed that my battery (Ego-c twist) that was set at 3.7v was in fact outputting 3.2 or so when I checked it with a multimeter. I cranked it up to mid 3.7-4.4 and now it outputs 3.7v. I kinda suppose I got a clone battery and/or clearomizer. I did not had any box or anything to check it, only a transport case, 2 e-cig and usb wall plug/510 usb adapter. Well, it works better now that there is more voltage :). I checked the coils on this website and they are authentic (I bought them in another shop who are authorized retailers of many brands including aspire).
  • Dear Jonathan,
    If you got aspire's product that did not had any box or anything to check it,we think you got fake aspire products.
    For every of our products has a unique and irregular security code,which customer can scratch and get on the black box.
    Thank you and have a nice day!
  • dana: You may have got a non authentic product, the nautilus is high rated from many peoples. Did you bought it from the aspire store here ? In that case, it may be a faulty one. Check it on bottom right of the page is the scratch and check text box, scratch under the barcode and you will get a code, enter it there and check for it authenticity. My problem was from too low voltage, you may try to up it a little bit and turn the air intake to the biggest hole to try. If you got it from another retailer, try to get refunded for a faulty product and buy it here, you should be much happier.
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