KangerTech beating Aspire everywere

Kanger is releasing a bigger better tank withmore options.

Kanger also now use organic cotton in their coils, much healtheir! :shock: :shock:

And Kanger now has a bulletin board for customer to talk and discuss like Aspire

I beleive Kanger is going to put Aspire out of business! Organic coils are much better
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  • Everyone is going to have a preference, Aspire is not always going to be the first one to do everything. They did release the first true Subohm clearomizer and it performs excellent! I also believe Aspire coils last much longer than Kanger's, I think the new Atlantis coils are REALLY going to last a long time.

    I have even suggested that Aspire release BVC coils with organic cotton and I'm sure at some point Aspire will do so. ( See here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3005 )

    They engineer quality products and listen to their customers, this is why Aspire has become so popular so quick... Thanks!
  • The KangerTech SubTank is impressive. I started off with KangerTech products. Personally, when I got an Nautilus mini I gave away all my KangerTech stuff.

    The biggest issues I had with the KangerTech was dry hits, restricted airflow (general opinions).

    Looking at the KangerTech SubTank, it is interesting that they have a RBA option. But to be honest if I go to RBA I would go with a dripper and keep it on the coffee table or next to my computer, or take it to my vape shop to "hang with the boys" and try different flavors being passed around. It's easier to try new/different flavors with a drip setup than with an atomizer. (I should mention that my shop has over 800 flavors which you can go straight with, or mix them up to make your own personal flavor. They mix everything right in front of you to your personal tastes, including PG/VG ratios and nicotine levels)

    As for the BPDC (now called Organic Cotton) seeing it torn down, it's a really interesting design. With the accordion Kanthal wire touching the square mesh screen. It looks like it creates a larger surface area for vapor production. But again, looking at the coil chimney it looks somewhat restrictive, compared to the Aspire BVC's (Nautilus and Atlantis).

    Although, I know someone will comment about the restrictiveness of the various air holes with adjustment ring on the Nautilus and Nautilus mini. To be honest, I agree. The smallest hole is WAY to small IMHO. Personally I think Aspire should have skipped the smallest hole and then increased all of the holes proportionally (does that make sense?) Start at 1.1mm, 1.4mm 1.8mm then go with a 2.3mm. One of these days I'm going to drill out one of my Nautilus's to my idea and see how it works.

    The other issue with the SubTank is the center pin. Looking around it's to tall, preventing flush fits on various setups. People are already working on shortening it. Which is a shame. It should have been done at the factory.

    But I do like the volume of juice it can hold. 6ml is a LOT of juice. Maybe to much. The Atlantis+ with a 4 or 5 ml capacity might be nice. Although... looking back, the Atlantis sucks up juice like there's no tomorrow! Maybe a 6 ml tank would be good. Just sell the upper and glass so you can reuse the base could be a good thing. And also sell an Atlantis+ whole with everything.
  • Totally agree and I hope a company with potential like Aspire realizes this. It really comes down to the atomizers. They are huge and in some tanks the chimney is very short so you're really not able to fill it to its max potential. Thats just one example. I've never had a Kanger tank literally fall apart like I have Aspire tanks nor have I had any strip out, like Aspire tanks.
  • Kanger has some good products, so do Aspire. Both are names I would recommend to people. I think there is room for 2 or more good companies in this world - ha ha!
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