atlantis - will this work with MVP 2.0

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I've read that the Aspire Atlantis is now available but I am wondering if it would work with my Innokin VV/VW itaste MVP 2.0 battery or if I should get another battery ? If another one is needed which one would you recommend me ? Also are the coils different than the ones for the Nautilus mini ? thx for your feedback on this.

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  • No, you CAN'T use the Atlantis on the Itaste MVP 2, it has a 3 amp limit and the Atlantis pulls over 8 amps.

    I recommend you purchase the Aspire Subohm battery and USB charger.

    Lastly, yes. The Atlantis coils are totally different from the Nautilus coils. Below is a picture I have taken to show you the difference...

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