Whistle Noise from Nautilus

Just received the Nautilus tank yesterday and every-time I take a draw it whistles. I have verified the tank through your website and it is authentic. The whistle is less noticiable on the smaller holes, but it is still there. My preferred air setting are the two holes below the largest air hole. Please let me know how to make it stop before I start to attract the animals in the area. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • I have never heard of this... would it be possible to take a short video of the noise with your phone?

    You will get some air noise when inhaling, but it shouldn't whistle.
  • There is often a little bit of whistle coming from the air holes when using it on the highest air flow. In lower air flows, using a pg/vg ratio that isn't recommended (usually anything higher than 50% vg) or a wattage lower than 11 seems to inflict this as well. It's clearly because the wicking isn't working as well as it does with thinner liquids, or that the input is too low to vaporize efficiently. Cold liquids also seem to reduce wicking.(examples that I've encounted include a 20/80 liquid highest air flow at 4.2v, a 50/50 liquid second highest air flow at 8W, and cold 60/40 liquid highest air flow at 11W while cleaning the snow off of my car)

    You're rarely ever going to see a product with such an unrestricted air flow that won't produce this. It's too nice of a feature to consider this a flaw. Most air flow devices this nice see the same issues. Using it as recommended helps a ton. Avoiding the cold does too.
  • I get this whistle sometimes with my big pyrex Nautilus & also my smaller hollow sleeve version.
    I am not sure why it happens.
    It was happening earlier tonight, but now its gone & its a rough smokey sound instead.

    Do you find that the whistle also means a 'weak airy' drag? I do.
    & I can't quite work out why sometimes it gets 'airy & whistles' compared to 'thick vapour & heavy drag'
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