Questions about atlantic and CF batteries

I just wanna ask 1). what are differences between CF VV+, CF subohm and CF Mod? which one is best for Atlantis?
2). I have got a Provari mini, is it able to fire Atlantis?
3). For guideline of Atlantis, it said that atlantis allows 50 refills of liquid, what will happen if it is refilled more than this? (since 50refill=100ml, this would be a very quick consupmtion).
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  • Dear Phoebill,
    Thank you for good suggestions!
    Our CF SUB ohm batteries are the upgraded version of our old CF series battery,the capacity has upgraded.the cap on the bottom can not be removed.Customer can use our old charger to charge it.
    Our CF MOD batteries is the upgraded version of traditional Mod,it has Protective electronic switch,which is easy to control when using.What's more,it has Overdischarge and Atomizer Short Circuit Protection.
    On the bottom of our CF MOD batteries,the cap can be removed,customer need fill in they own batteries.
    Customer can not charge the 18650 batteries with our CF MOD,they need remove the 18650 batteries out of our cf mod,and use the charger for the 18650 batteries to charge.Our CF MOD is just a holder.
    CF SUB Ohm or CF MOD both can be used with our Atlantis.If someone don't have the knowledge to operate the CF Mod ,we suggest to use our CF SUB Ohm battery.
    Our Atlantis is compatible with 20-30W wattage output batteries,Customers need check the wattage output is enough to fire our Atlantis,what's more,please make sure using wattage not exceed 30W,or you will burn the coils
    In order to get good flavor,we suggest 50 times refills of liquid.
    Have a nice day!
  • The Provari and Provari mini will NOT work with the Atlantis.

    The 50 refill is a merely a suggestion from Aspire, actual coil life with vary with usage conditions and the type of liquid used. It is a brand new device so I can't tell you my personal experience with coil life yet, but I have put 35ml through my first Atlantis coil so far and it is still going strong and shows no signs of buildup.
  • Joseph" said:
    ...I have put 35ml through my first Atlantis coil so far and it is still going strong and shows no signs of buildup.
    Hi Joseph, Tina,

    I am very interested in the new Atlantis, but I want to make an informed choice. Could you help?

    1) Is there any difference in using CF MOD (with Sony 18650) & CF SUB OHM? Is it only that it's convenient (usb) to charge CF SUB OHM? or are there other differences to OHM/MOD?

    2) Tina mentions CF MOD has a protective circuit. Does this mean CF MOD is an ideal option instead of using a regular MechMod with no circuit?
    for example - I have a MechMod (RA) with Sony 18650. Is this ideal? or... maybe not?
  • The CF Subohm battery and CF Mod have the same electronics, the CF Mod you just have to remove and recharge the battery. They will perform the same, the only variable would be that you can get a higher mAh battery for longer life in the CF Mod. I personally use the Subohm and find their 2000mah built-in battery cell lasts me all day.

    The CF Mod or CF Subohm battery is safer than using a full mechanical mod, with the Aspire CF devices you have built-in short circuit protection and over discharge protection to prevent damaging your batteries running them down too low.
  • Also remember that the CF MOD does not come with a battery. You will have purchase an 18650 battery separately. You will also need to have battery charger that accepts 18650 batteries, as the CF MOD will not charge a battery via the Aspire USB charger.
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