Leaking Aspire Nautilus

I just recently purchased an Aspire Nautilus from my local vape shop. I had already purchased and used the Nautilus Mini for quite some time and absolutely loved it, so when I saw that there was a larger tank model I was thrilled. Right from the beginning, I have had an issue where when the liquid in the tank gets to about 1/4 or so inch from the bottom, the liquid begins leaking from the air adjuster ring. I have made sure that it is assembled properly, made sure the atomizer is secure (but not too tight), replaced the atomizer numerous times from different boxes, and still the issue persists. When the tank is full, and all the way until it gets to about 1/4 inch of liquid, there is no problem and it works perfectly. My Nautilus Mini doesn't do this and I can literally vape that tank dry with no leakage.
Has anyone else experienced this? I brought it back to the vape shop where I bought it but they said there was nothing they could do. Any suggestions?
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    So strange problem!
    Would you please tell us the security code of your nautilus and coils for our reference?
    What kind of coil did you use? BDC or BVC?
    What is the resistance of your coil?
    What wattage and voltage did you use?
    What is the proportion of the pg:vg of your e-juice?
    We will pass your problem to our engineer.
    Have a nice day!
  • I would definately check to make sure that shop sold you an authentic Aspire Nautilus...

    Did you purchase the Nautilus Mini that has been working so well from the same vendor?
  • Good afternoon,

    I am writing because my partner is having the same leakage issue with his Aspire Nautilus. However his leaks no matter how full the tank is. We do not have the code or coil information at the moment. We are out of town for the holiday. He did say the leaking did not start until after he had to replace the original coil. Please help! Thanks
  • I would check to make sure the coils are authentic Aspire when you get back in town.

    In the meantime, you should turn the tank upside down and disassemble it, remove the coil and make sure the o-ring on the coil is in place and not damaged. Then screw it back on tight and reassemble the tank.

    Let us know, thanks.
  • I've experienced this but only in cold weather. I bought my Nautilus when it was released and was still pretty cold out and would leak when outside in my backpack. When it's back in room temp no leaks would occur. Possibly the cold weather would cause the o-rings to shrink? Not sure but this was just my observation.
  • youtube the problem. My husband was having the exact same issue and found the answer on youtube.com His had something to do with the airholes. Something so minor but a massive issue for him :)
  • I'm having this same issue with mine and it is brand new. The cheap one that came with my MVP2 works way better. My Nautilus leaks through the adjustable holes and when i'm trying to vape, I get the juice in my mouth and barely any vape. I took it apart to clean it and now I lost the clear o-ring that goes on the tip....ugh. I think i'm just gonna stick with the cheap ones. It's not worth paying 20+ dollars for something that works worse than the one that came with my starter kit.
  • jenny010280" said:
    youtube the problem. My husband was having the exact same issue and found the answer on youtube.com His had something to do with the airholes. Something so minor but a massive issue for him :)
    Could you post a link for the videos?
  • I had bought the Nautilus and the Nautilus mini For my brother and sister-in-law and they had the same problem. All I did was change the coils from the ones that cam with the tanks to new ones and the problem was fixed. I have several Nautilus / mini tanks and have never had the problem. They are the best tanks I have ever had.


    Minooka, IL
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