original coils - bvc 1.8 homs

Dear Aspire team,

I recently purchased some replacement coils for my nautilus mini and I received two boxes of 5 coils 1.8homs with security code recognized as original but the serial background color is not the same as the one I have usually seen (white numbers on black background) when before it was the opposite (black numbers on white background) so I am wondering if that is "normal" ?

[click to see the bigger image]

Also with the normal coils packs (5 pieces) I got some strange packs of two coils where it's written (buy one GET "" FREE) .. without serial numbers .. and I tried them and on the two coils only one was usable the second never wanted to screw up into the clearomizer.

[click to see the bigger image]

Is those one coming from Aspire or are those strange yellow coils pack pairs fake ? (see pictures)

thx for your answer and best regards..
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  • Yes those do look to be authentic coils to me, it is actually gray letters on a black background.

    Aspire did release Nautilus coils packaged in that 2 pack as a promotion.
  • We upgraded our security code from 16 bit to 20 bit.
    We did release Nautilus kit packaged in that 2 extra coils as a promotion.The promotion has ended.
  • ok thank you for your reply.. This 2 coils packages were sold to me.. but if they're original ones then is ok.

    thx again.
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