Aspire Atlantis w/ Provari

Just picked up my Aspire Atlantis, super pysched. Hooked it up to my Provari and got an E1 error which corresponds to a potential Short Circuit / Shorted Atomizer issue. Tried with the provided spare atomizer and still received the error. When switched back to my Nautilus tank vaping is working just fine, so I know it's not the Provari. I've tried using higher and lower voltage settings but still yet to no avail. Not sure if I could find any advice on what to try or perhaps if i'm missing something obvious?
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    The lowest ohms the Provari is capable of is 1.2 ohms, using the 0.5 ohm Atlantis your Provari has determined it is a shorted atomizer and displaying the E1 error as it is not designed to fire at that low of resistance for safety.

    The Provari has a 3.5 amp limit, the Atlantis pushes 8.5 amps at 4.2 volts... if the Provari were to fire it would damage the device severely!
  • Dear Kenobi88,
    Happy to hear that your received our products.
    We are sorry that the output wattage of your battery is not enough to fire our Atlantis.
    You need a high power wattage adjustable mod to fire our atlantis.
    Our Atlantis is compatible with 20-30w wattage output batteries.
    Have a nice day!
  • Ahhhhh herp derp. Should have realized, thanks for the help!
  • Keno, the new Subohm battery performs amazing on the Atlantis and much cheaper than the Provari.
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