Very disappointed

I've had the Nautilus mini for 6 days. On the 2nd day I had problems with the coil getting stuck to the top piece when I unscrewed the base to refill the tank, I just ignored it because it was still refillable. After getting a burnt taste today I tries to change coils, and it was stuck again. After trying to unscrew it, the glass broke on my hand and cut into my finger. I truly saw potential in this product and hope this coil issue gets fixed and the Pyrex glass is made more durable. Pyrex glass already being quite "durable" I have no idea how the tension from my hand may have broken it, but I am very disappointed.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    First,sincerely sorry about your bad experience.
    We will send your problem and kindly advice to our engineer department, and we'll constantly improve our product to provide customer a perfect experience.
    Sorry again.
    Best regards!
  • Tina I don't want to hear your sorry, although it is appreciated, I want to hear that you are going to investigate it and if it seems to be a problem for many, fix the product. Thank you.
  • Dear ievans7485,
    Thank you so much for kind understanding our work.
    We have passed your problem to our engineer department,they are analyzing this kind of problem.
    Best regards!
  • Have you ever checked the scratch code on your box?

    I only ask this because of the comment of coils getting stuck, that is similar to most of the stories we have found were knock-off devices.
  • I have 3 Nautilus mini and never had that glass problem.
    Remember to put a few drops of liquid on the rubber before closing, it will unscrew easier.
    In case it doesn't, unscrew using rubber on vinyl gloves for a better grip.

    For the stuck coil, already heard of that "non-genuine" problem too.
  • What's up with the bull#### responses from the staff?
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