SkyStar Defect - Loose Tank Connection

Hi I've had my SkyStar for a few months and it's become unusable, the whole top plate containing the 510 threaded insert is so loose that it almost never recognizes when any atomizer is screwed on top. It almost seems like it's about to fall off the mod itself even though I have never dropped it, and have only used a top fill tank so I've probably only unscrewed a tank from the mod may 10-20 times total. I attached some pics to show the issue.

It looks like there are two vertical bolts inside the mod that fasten the top plate to the rest of mod and they are probably just loose. I would love to do some self repair but it appears like the only way to access these internal pieces requires an extremely tiny star/torx head screwdriver which I don't have. I'd probably opt for buying a cheap screwdriver before a new mod though so if anyone has any insight as whether this top plate can be tightened again that'd be much appreciated!

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