Pocketx flashing blue twice when fire??

So I’ve just changed my coil on my pocketx for the first time and now it won’t fire up, it just flashes blue twice. It’s turned on and has enough charge. Have I done something wrong?? How can I fix this??
Thanks in advance
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  • Make sure that you are using Genuine Aspire coils! See this thread https://forums.aspirecig.com/discussion/27688/check-your-aspire-scratch-off-code-for-authenticity/p1
    Kiki Chan
  • I found this in the users manual for the Pockex.

    Short Circuit Protection: If the PockeX
    detects a short circuit the device will
    immediately cease firing and the light will
    flash both blue and pink two or three

    Check that your coil is installed properly. Make sure that your coil is Genuine Aspire and not a fake or clone as they will cause problems like this!
    If you are sure that the problem is not your coil, send the detailed information to service@aspirecig.com
    They will check with aspire engineers,then give you the suggestion from Aspire engineer.
  • My blue light shows when I depress the button, but cannot vape/ no smoke. Any ideas what’s wrong. Has new coil and is charged.
  • Sounds like your unit has a short somewhere. Check to make sure the chimney that is attached to the coil has been properly screwed into the unit and that it is not cross threaded!
  • I just had this same thing after replacing coil, wouldn't fire, light flashes blue. After dumping the tank, cleaning drying unit re-seating the coil still no good.
    I happened to have another new coil so tried that instead, works fine.
    So my end looks like it was a faulty coil causing the device to short.

    This is about the 8th coil replacement I've done... I do hope I won't experience a 1/8 rate of faulty coils in the future, time will tell.
  • Hi friend, if @charlzrocks 's suggestions didn't work, please send this problem to service@aspirecig.com, our service team will help to check what's wrong. Thanks.
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