Invitation to Collaborate with Aspire

  • The juice could trickle down threw air jet and air could bubble up threw juice as well. Air up threw juice well with valve could spray coils.
  • Sexy woman walking dog might be nice art on ultra sonic air jet atomizer.
  • Siren whistle air jet atomizer perhaps with coil splasher.
  • Siren whistle valve that opens with air from below and has juice above could splash and blow while eliminating venting.
  • Bottom airflow RBA deck, wall shaped posts with shutter like horizontal sliders that close in on coil to force air to take tight path around it.
  • Thin ceramic tubes to make coil around to protect wick, stop dry hits and almost double wire surface area.
  • Extra value if the thin ceramic tubes could recycle into survival water filters.
  • Mod panel could expose long stripe or other shape of larger under panel screen.
  • Double barrel mesh coil. Two cylinders of mesh heating metal nested with wick in between. Air goes down outside cylinder and up the inside one.
  • Display graph for Speeder mod showing approximate current personal nicotine level.
  • Magnet could make compact quality tank fill valve.
  • Grip and Drip. Touch to metal surface of mod could cause drip to coil.
  • Charge stand for mod with auto drip during pick up while guided upward at first.
  • The new Nautilus GT tank could well do with a mini 22mm version. 24mm is too large for MTL users. Us MTL users use smaller form factor batteries. Would be great f you can do a mini version of the GT like you done with the original Nautilus tank a few yrs ago
  • @sherif2020 Thank you for the suggestion, we will pass your suggestion to our products development department
  • @Chad_H Thank you for the suggestion, we will pass your suggestion to our products development department.

    Best Regards
    Aspire Team
  • @sherif2020 Even better, give us an rba deck for the Nautilus. I stopped buying mods and tanks using replaceable coils probably 7 years ago, but occasionally I see something, like the Nautilus GT, that I would buy... if it had an RBA.

    Just give us an official triton mini/bvc rba already! I realize you guys think it would cannibalize sales of these coils, but you would really be underestimating just how lazy people are.

    And where is our Plato RBA already? Yes, the Plato is years old and not made anymore... but it could be!
  • I'll collaborate with you. Want to know how to increase sales 50% of every product you make which uses replaceable coils? ENSURE AN RBA IS AVAILABLE FOR IT!

    And, for the love of god, release an official Nautilus RBA! There's so much Aspire stuff I would buy if this simple accessory were available...
  • @davidred Thank you for support aspire. Have got your suggestion, will pass your suggestion to our products development department.
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  • Not at all. Quality doesn't have to be expensive. Hard to believe the huge difference in amount of material between plating foil and solid. Price was considered in every detail. That's why I excluded mentioning costly quartz tank.

    1. Make a larger airflow port (or ports) to increase airflow. The original Breeze has better airflow than the Breeze 2.
    2. Make the firing button area recessed like the original Breeze. It's difficult to find the firing button on the Breeze 2 by touch while driving.
    3. Make the drip tip easier to get off. You really have to pry your fingernail underneath to get it off on the Breeze 2.
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