Fake Aspire products warning

Dear customers,

In the past few weeks we have obtained information that there are some Aspire coils in the market that are probably clones.

Aspire are working on this constantly to find and stop the source that produces them (we already have the information as it looks). We are investigating the customers that are buying them and selling them in the EU and USA.

Aspire will act as need against those companies by the law and social media.

We are asking you to check the code on the coil packs and the tanks to see if they are original.

Dear shop and wholesale owners,
please only order from our official distributors, you can find them in our official website under support, then partners.

Here is the official announcement

Thank you in advance

Aspire law department

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  • @jimmy Hello Jimmy,
    We have viewed your video and we also checked the security codes on our website
    First one: 0olu6lnu7f9da0 The check result shows it is original

    Second one: 0olu6l3i96958f the check result shows it is original

    Third one: 0olu6l461be02c the check result shows it is original

    We also check 0olu6lt8f9672e it also shows it is original

    We checked your video, all letter should be lowercase
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  • Hello Jimmy,

    Would you please take some clear photos to show the coil and would you please also give us the batch code of each pack?

    Best Regards
    Aspire Team
  • I asked Darren at aspire to check the codes for me and he said fake!

    I tried all sorts of different ways to check as I could not determine if "I" was a capital "letter before j" or a small l "letter before m"

    So I am far from happy....all the trouble I have went to on the basis that "aspire" told me they were fake!!!!!


    Thanks for the email and sorry to see it looks like you have been sold counterfeit products.

    Although Amazon may fulfil the order it is 9/10 a third party using Amazon to hold stock and sell.

    The truth will be told in the price you paid per pack ?

    Can you supply the page on Amazon that you purchased from or email the invoice to me direct ?

    All goods sent through the EU / UK must have an importers information on it legally now I cannot tell if your boxes do or not.

    Finally can you provide the batch numbers from the boxes so we can see whom the coils came from when leaving the factory.

    Kind Regards,

    Darren Sharples

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  • Hang on a minute here I have checked my videos and I HAVE entered the codes correctly all letters ARE in lower case?

  • Can somebody at aspire tell me what's going on? It looks to me that your verification system was faulty and giving me false fails and that the problem has now been fixed and nobody wants to accept responsibility for this problem.

    The coils all had the security seals broken
    The one I tried tasted powerfully like a chemical like the taste you would get in your mouth if painting with oil based paint.
    They fail to verify as genuine on your site.
    They fail to verify for Darren
    Aspire have a meeting about this
    Darren makes an official complain
    Trading standards gets involved and reports it to the distributors local trading standards
    I report it to bbc watchdog
    I make and upload a video showing a video screengrab of the coils failing to verify.

    Now suddenly they are ALL verifying????

    I think at the very least I am due some sort of explanation???

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    @jimmy We checked your video, it looks that you type in one letter by mistake, so the codes cannot be checked out. The letter behind number "6" is lower-case "L", it is not a capital "I" or "j" the correct codes are as below:

    We have talked with our distributor in the UK( Darren), His answer is the same as you posted above: he said that it looks like a fake product, as you said that the seal was opened, and the price is very low. But he didn't confirm that it is a fake product, as he didn't have the product in hand.

    When you doubt that the product is fake, as the seal was opened, and it didn't taste great, you as the end user is protected by the sales of goods act in the UK, you have the right to ask the seller for replacement, you can contact Amazon for replacement.

    Best Regards
    Aspire Team

  • Tina


    I made a jpg up for you it consists of 3 pictures on one jpeg

    1. you will see a screen grab of the codes above which you printed on this page
    2. then below it a snipping tool of video2 showing what I typed into your check system
    3. and if you are still not convinced then the 3rd picture is me copy and pasting your code from the message above into your check system and then I used windows snipping tool to grab that


    IT FAILED!!!!!!!

    Now I do realise that you may not be allowed to download a jpeg from my own www.thebathers.com domain so I have uploaded the jpeg to youtube for you

    Please now explain this to me and everyone else

    (the reason I used the 2nd code as an example is that I did indeed make a mistake on the first one BUT NOT THE REST!!!!)

    Darren may not have had the coils in front of him but he was asked to verify the codes and I assume he did and they failed.

  • Ah..... I see your forum takes the OGP codes from you tube and so it has posted the picture onto the forum after all.......I also see now you have a facility to upload jpegs to the forum direct I thought it was text only so here is the full res jpg

  • Here is the 3rd code directly compared from your code above and my 3rd video

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    Hello Jimmy,

    Your video is very clear, we can read the codes on your box clearly from your video easily
    The correct codes on your box are as below, Please use below the correct codes to check in our system


    We have checked with Darren, he didn't check the code, and what he explained to us is the same as you posted above.
    What's more, as we suggested above:When you doubt that the product is fake, as the seal was opened, and it didn't taste great, you as the end user is protected by the sales of goods act in the UK, you have the right to ask the seller for replacement, you can contact Amazon for replacement.

    Best Regards
    Aspire Team
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