1.8 OHM BVC Coil that came with my Nautilus AIO does not work.

Hello members.

Ill be grateful if someone can help me figure out the problem here. For a little context, I quit smoking some 2 months ago when I bought my very first e-cig which was an Aspire Breeze 2. I really liked that device until I accidentally dropped it into the water after which it stopped working. I then had to return it and found out that the shop I bought the breeze 2 from had run out of breeze 2 devices. So the shop keeper recommended Nautilus AIO which I agreed to. This was about a week ago and ever since then I have been using the Nautilus AIO and for the most part, it works well.

Today, however, I noticed that the 1.8 ohm green ring coil that I am using for Nic Salt has burnt up and needs replacement. I am currently not able to drive to the shop and purchase a new coil so I thought ill use the BVC coil that came with the device. I was surprised that when I try to fire it up nothing happens, there are no gurgling sounds and no vapor when I draw. I thought since both of these coils have a rating of 1.8 ohm that they will work with the nic salt I have. Can someone explain if this is normal? I am aware that this particular coil is not meant for nic salts but is there any way I can use it just for a bit until I can get the other one. The nic salt I am using is by a company called NKD100, it is has a 35 mg nicotine content and is 50VG50PG.

P.S Sorry if this post is in the wrong cateogory.
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