Help! Best settings for Aspire Typhon 100 Revvo

Ok, I am a fairly new vaper that just upgraded from a Moto Plus pen to the Aspire Typhon 100 Revvo Kit. Got it home, primed the coil. Went to fire it and it seared my lungs with burning heat and I barely got any vape out of it. Ok, so I need to adjust something. Just read through the manual and see there is a bunch of stuff about TC Ni, Ti and SS, TCR M1, M2, M3, Watts, Voltage, Bypass, CPS C1, C2, C3... I have NO idea what any of that means. All I want is a cool to warm vape with plenty of vape. I read the optimal watts are 80 to 85... ok, got that... but still too hot, burns my throat and not much vape. Please advise... what are all of these crazy settings and how do I get the best vape experience?
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  • I too have a hot vape with this unit so I back the wattage down to 60 and I have no problems getting a good vape that is much cooler.
  • Also, if you are vaping "Mouth to Lung" and not "Direct to Lung" then I highly suggest closing down your airflow vents to about 1/4 or a bit less that will give you the correct amount of draw for the "Mouth to Lung" vaping experience. However, you might want to switch back to the higher nic juice....see how it goes with the 3mg juice first.
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  • Ok, as an update, I read that the Revvo has a Kanthal coil, and that I need to leave it on "Watts" mode. And that the TC and TCR modes are for different coil types (other than Kanthal). So I set it to Watts, and set it to 81, since 80-85 is optimal for the Revvo.

    I then removed the liquid from the tank that had 12mg nicotine and replaced it with 3mg nicotine to see if that helped lower the burning in my throat. It didn't work. I vape-to-mouth, then inhale but even holding the vape in my mouth I felt how hot it was, and burned when I inhaled. So, what am I doing wrong? 81 Watts on watt mode. Also, the tank gets sooo hot! Do I have a bad mod?
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