Possible copycat-nautilus x mod compatibility?

Recently bought a nautilus x on eBay after the local vape shop told me it was compatible with my Yocan evolve plus battery/mod. I got the thing In the mail and the site says the code has been used 130 times. Before I realized this I filled with my juice and got it on the battery with no luck. I use the evolve plus for wax and thought it would be nice to get off the cigarettes with a nicotine substitute. After doing my online research I bought one online from what I thought to be a reputable seller (contact there was made tonight as well).

Can anyone tell me what kind of tube mod is best for use with the nautilus x? If the Yocan isn’t compatible (nor my Kanger evod vv) do I need something different to use my beautiful new tank? Or did I just get stuck with a bum unit from a crappy source?

As a last resort I am letting the tank sit on the battery as it charges fully before trying one last time.
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  • @jesposan

    I do not use tube mods with the Nautilus X. It is best suited to use it with a regulated mod. A lot depends on the resistance of the coil that you have installed in the Nautilus x. What is the ohm rating of the coil you have in the tank? (Aspire prints it on the side of the coil)
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