What kind of functions do you want to add in the next firmware version of Speeder?

Some kind users send their suggestion to us about new functions for Speeder mod, Here I want to know more suggestion about the new function you want to add in the next firmware of Speeder

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  • Please make new firmware version for Speeder to include auto/fixed screen rotation and screen brightness settings, as you did for Archon and NX75.
  • The use of a menu like on all Aspire's recent mod updates ... with, of course, the clock.
    Not sure a customizable software (like Arcticfox on other brands) has its utility here ... but why not ?
  • Simple:
    1) Reduce the allowable spiral resistance to 0.05Ω, it is still achievable only for steel, and steel and so supports 0.05Ω in thermal control mode. There are no practical reasons to make such a restriction.
    2) It should be possible to see the real current resistance, and not what was fixed when installing the spiral. This is extremely important for installation and burning, as well as for troubleshooting the evaporator.
    3) It should be possible to read and correct the spiral resistance.
    4) The CPS should be adjusted in percent, not in power, it should set the dynamics of the warm-up, and not rigorously set the specific power.
    5) Preheat in percent, delay before re-prehit. This is a simplified version of CPS, but it is important because of the delay. It does not make sense to do Preheat on a hot spiral.

    Analyze custom firmware ArcticFox, MyEvic (For Joytech and analogues), Vortex Mod (for Sigeley).
    In them, many functions correct the shortcomings of the device, some are intended for fans, but many functions are commonly used.

    Very difficult:
    - Create a program to manage and monitor the device from your computer.
    - Consider devices as an open platform, release the SDK, put the firmware into open access for revision. This no one did. You can become the first and go out into the leaders. Look at how the sales of Sigeley and Joytech are affected by the availability of alternative firmware, while their existence is diligently hushed up by bloggers.
  • @JAW
    While I applaud and yet question all of the complicated firmware upgrades you suggest, I have to say that an open platform would put Aspire at risk for possible legal action should a user try to program something that will unwittingly (and possibly literally) blow up in their faces. I believe the hushing by bloggers is well founded for that reason. I like the ability to set everything up from a computer interface. I just think that there are always folks that can't get a handle on it when they aren't even able to successfully upgrade the firmware on such a device. But I would love to have a pc interface to set up the power curve function, etc. on much larger screen than the tiny one on the mod! :D
  • I'd like to see puff counter and puff timer functions added. Also, I would prefer temperature changes be made in increments of five or ten degrees farenheit rather than the one degree increments available now.
  • Add more ways to show batteries status, eg. choose from graphical/voltage/percentage (in percentage mode there will be space to add puff counter).
  • 1. Can't really see differences in boot speed between starting from "SystemOff" and "Locked" states. So, why should we have both of them? I think, it's better to leave SystemOff only for better battery performance.
    2. On high resistance (0,4Ohms and higher) mod works not perfect in WV mod. Slow start and overheat after ~1second, With 0,2 and lower everything is great.
    3. CPS will be much more usefull, if it could be set in percents for VW mode. So, we will be able to set up it one time and simply change wattwge for different coils.
    4. For now, battery balancing works bad. I use it with batteries which are about 6 moths old, so, they could normally charge only to 4,1-4,15V. Mod tries to charge it to 4,2V, than stops, after several minutes voltage drops to 4,15-4,13, mod tries to balance it, discharges both of batteries to 4,1-4,09 and then charges them again. After several minutes voltage on both cells drops.... It could last for hours. Also batteries disharge differently during use, I know, my batteries are old, but with another mod with Vortex firmware installed I had no such problems.
    5. If somebody cares, TCR is barely working for now, After overheat it simply stops to produce vape. The only way to fix it - pid regulator. But not so many people use TCR, so....
    6. Will be great, if you will add battery profiiles for different batteries(reeally, there not so much REAL models of batteries present on the market) to show charge more accurate and also ability to shoq it in percents.
    Mod is really great, it's most comfortable mod I've ever used. If it will have perfect firmware, it will be absolute winner.
    P.S. Excuse for my bad english.

  • @JAW Hello, friend)
    seems, ecigtalk is already here)

  • @Tina
    And we continue to wait for a new version of the firmware.
    Maybe there is already some information about the changes and approximate dates?
    I remind you that I, and not only would agree to testing the alpha and beta versions.
  • A tetris game?

    Don't panic, i'm joking
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