First impressions with the NX100 (and the 26650 battery cell) ...

I will summarize by saying : what a nice little big box !

It comes within the nice square "gift" box we are used to from Aspire, including :
The NX100 box mod, the usb cable for firmware updates and "emergency" charging, the 18650 battery adaptor and its how to card, a manual in 5 different languages and a warranty card.
The 26650 battery cell I sometimes mention is NOT included.

My first try was with the Cleito 120 and its new fatty glass.

Here is how it looks :

The very well thought battery compartment is the same kind as on the little sister NX75, here with the 26650 :

Using it at 92W with the Cleito 120, the battery hardly got warm, the Cleito 120 surely did !

The box does its job considering that and it has all the features its little sister has :
The five buttons in front : Power or TC modes selection, + and - buttons and of course, the fire button (and no button rattles !).
I will not sum up all these features (there is the exhaustive manual for that), I just want to mention a new one, the colour screen !
That is a real new adding that not many boxes on the market has.
You can actually choose between 12 different colours for the background and the text.
This is how its menu looks like :

The logo text can also be customized.
I only regret that logo and the little lock do not change colours as the rest of the display.
But I'm not sure Aspire can possibly change that within a future firmware update (?).

I must of course try a bunch of other vaping options this box offers, but like I said to summarize :
What a nice little big box it truly is !

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  • @Cegoca

    Nice first impression summary! I love the photos too! That fat boy tank on the Cleito 120 reminds me of a water cooler (with a video screen tv in the side)!
    I will be doing a video review on this box as well.
    Aspire has come out with a nice assortment of gift ideas for the vapers out there!
  • @Cegoca Great first impression summary.
    Thank you for sharing your opinion with us :D
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