Atlantis EVO Extended question

Is there a trick to keeping the extender piece connected to the coil when I unscrew the top to fill the tank? It's a hassle to have to unscrew the juice-covered piece from the top and screw it back onto the coil every time I fill my tank.
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  • @dangergirl

    I just got mine today and it works fine. I have already refilled the tank once and because I have the coil in very tightly and the extender on tightly as well, so far it hasn't been a problem. And.... you should NEVER try to refill the tank while driving. That is just plain wreckless endangerment of other drivers as well as innocent pedestrians. [-X
  • @dangergirl

    I just ordered the extending kit for my EVO so I can't speak from experience yet or give more advice other than to wipe the piece off as you are taking it out of the tank
  • It's just kind of a pain to have to wipe it off and screw it back on every time. Plus it means you can't top your tank off before you go anywhere, because the extender may come out. And filling the tank while you are driving is a hassle.
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