Aspire Plato Battery Charge Issue

Hi, I have purchased Aspire Plato 5 weeks ago and I am facing issue when I charge the device. The battery level currently is around 30-35% charged , as soon as I put the device on USB charge, the battery shows full and I believe it's actually not charging. When I remove the device, it's still around the 30% mark. Can someone help. I have switched to ecig after 8 years of smoking. Thanks in advance.

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  • @Manuj

    First, did you check the authenticity scratch off on the package that the Plato came in to make sure it's not a fake? See how to check it here:
    Next, try another battery and then another USB charging cord. If that doesn't solve the problem, I suggest returning it to the retailer where you bought it for an exchange!
  • Thanks mate for a prompt reply. I have checked the security code and the product is original. I had this issue 2,3 weeks ago but it started working normally so I didnt pay heed to it. The retailer gave 1 month warranty which is over and now Aspire's warranty is left which is 3 months in UK I guess. It seems I'll have to contact Aspire. I dont have a spare battery. I would need to purchase one soon enough tough.

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