Aspire Mini Nautilus - liquid ratio?

Hello, I've been using an Aspire Mini Nautilus for a while now but been finding the BVC coils can have a bit of a short life spam, and when I open them up occasionally the wire is black.. My understanding is the liquid ratio or its the sweetness caramelizing.. Over time I've also stopped turning up the voltage so much and sometimes making the air hole a bit smaller. I always make sure its not running low enough on liquid to burn out the coil..

I've used a couple of different liquids but went back to one I like..

So I've been using Vapouriz E Liquid (Black Cherry) -

30% VG - Vegetable Glycerin
70% PG - Propylene Glycerin

I've seen a couple of people saying 50/50 is good!? the higher the PG the worse it gets??

Anyway, whats the best e-liquid ratio for the Aspire Mini Nautilus???
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  • For the Nautilus Mini I've found that 70/30 is the highest VG ratio I could get away with. 50/50 works much better for wicking. I would never go with max VG as the wicking holes are too small to keep up.

    Since I got my Nautilus X however, I've been able to use higher VG with no issues. Though I still tend to stick to 70/30.

    Also, the sweeter eliquids tend to gunk up coils much quicker, especially if they contain sugar or sweeteners.
  • Thanks @someguyeh

    I did wonder about getting the Nautilus X, but just worried about the glass breaking. I have a steel cover for my mini Nautilus.

    But yeah trying to find a liquid that's not that sweet but not tobacco! (never tried the tobacco flavour though)

    Hmm! so I guess 50/50 would be best
  • i've always (about 2 years) used 60/40 in them with terrific results. :-)
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