(New product release)Aspire New Evolutionary System--Aspire Quad-Flex Survival Kit

Hi Vaping friends,
Aspire Quad-Flex 4-in-1 is a game changer. Rip up the vape rule book. Graduate to the different levels of vaping at your own pace. The Quad-Flex System provides the ultimate multi-device package complete with four configurations of atomizer in one streamlined kit. From the refined flavor beast and those who enjoy traditional tight pulls, to vaping cloud chasers, the Quad-Flex covers all bases.
Quad-Flex 4-in-1: Four ways to Flex, survive any situation with the following quick-fit configurations:
*Quad-Flex RDTA - drop-wick tank with dual or single Airflow
*Quad-Flex RDA with Turboline Side Airflow
*Quad-Flex squonker (bottom feed) RDA with Turboline Top Airflow
*Nautilus X 2ML Top Airflow flavor tank
For more information,please click here:aspirecig.com/products/quad-flex/364.html
If you have owned the nautilus x tank,you can pay attentention to the Quad-Flex Power pack,here is the link:aspirecig.com/products/quad-flex/365.html

If you want to buy,please click this link to know the price:online.aspirecig.com/plato-c-24.html

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