Cleito Improvements

I am a fan of the Cleito. It is my Daily Driver. Anyways, I was thinking how this could get any better and have thought of a few things. Firstly, I would like to suggest that if a V2 comes out, make the glass not press fitted. I have had 2 times where I changed the coil and did not get things dry and the glass popped off. Not fun getting 5ml of juice on your pants right before work. My simple solution for the is to have a threaded metal ring at the bottom of the glass that is backwards threaded(to prevent it from spinning off when you put the top back on). We would still keep the top of the glass bare and the top fill the same so that the coil would not change. Next, I would love some way to remove a coil without having to empty the tank or an easy way to empty the tank. There is nothing worse than to find that you burnt your coil or did not wick the RTA properly and have a full tank. I am not sure what solution we could have here. Maybe a top cap that replaced the current top cap that made it flat on top with a hole on one side and a protruding spout on the other side so that we can easily empty the e-liquid back into a bottle easily and not worry about having to worry about making a big mess. When you are done, you just replace the coil and put the regular top cap back on and you are good to go. All I can think of on that part, but not sure what solution would be good there since most of the time you are on the go or at a shop and may not have access to such accessory.

There really is not much else I can think of that would improve on the tank. This is truly the best of the best for me when it comes to my daily sub-ohm usage.
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