How does Temp Control work on the Pegasus mod?

NOTE: I mistakenly posted this in General Discussion first but was unable to delete, i apologize for the double post!

I have a Pegasus mod that I use with an Atlantis tank and a few drippers. But I have a few new toys to try and want to know if they'll work with the Pegasus.

1) A friend gave me the Vaporesso Target tank. I'm using a standard coil, but can I use the temp control coils with it?

2) How can you tell if you have the model with auto or manual temp control switching?

3) I've heard that the Pegasus uses a 30W pulse to test for TC coils. Is this only with the auto version? When does this pulse get sent out?

4) Is it possible to use this mod with my old 2 ohm tanks? I know I'd have to keep the watts LOW, and was worried about that 30W pulse..

I'm saving for a new mod but want to know how much I can get out of this bad boy in the meantime. Any insight is appreciated!
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  • @nixzero The Pegasus mod support TC mode with Ti and Ni200 coils
    You can confirm if your mod auto or manual version from the user manual .
    Only the auto version uses a 30W ((only 3-4 seconds)) to recognize the material of the coil and change from wattage mode and TC mode.
    The pegasus mod can fire coils from 0.2-3.0ohm
  • Thanks, Tina! I just checked my manual and I think I have the auto version. I found the manual and it says I hold down the fire button for 3-4 seconds and it sends the pulse- should have tried looking for it first!

    So, if I understand correctly, this 30W pulse gets sent out every time I press the button for 3-4 seconds, not just when I switch the atty. So if I vape a 2.2ohm coil, won't the 30W pulse damage my coil?
  • @nixzero No,it only works when you put a new coil on the tank switch between TC mode and wattage mode
  • Ok, thank you so much for the clarification!
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