Cleito leak (not same as others that i know)

I just got a new Cleito and have had another since April. Both have begun to leak a little, but steadily from the same place within days of one another. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas as to cause. I've gotten nowhere thus far. I've attached a photo of where the leaks are happening (just above airflow ring).
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  • @billnikki426

    The leak may be coming from the silicon seal area of the tank. Have you ever taken the tank apart to clean it? If so, you may not have the silicone ring seated correctly. I believe that it fits into a channel and if you have the seal on upside down it could be the problem. If that is not it, make sure that the coil is screwed in Tight!
  • Before I was having a terrible vacuum lock which was easy to workaround. I think they changed the coils because the last two packs of coils have leaked. I watch through the tip and see the juice pour into the chimney and straight out of the air holes. I LOVE this tank but seriously WTF?!?!
  • @amcelveen

    Did you check the scratch off on the coil package to make sure they are authentic? And you are saying that ALL of the coils in the last 2 packs have leaked like this Pouring through the AFC ports? Why haven't you returned them to the retailer for a refund if they are not working? Have you checked the O-rings on the coils to make sure they are not missing? This is a common error especially with fake or non-authentic (Fasttech) coils. Some work, some don't, I never take chances. Try to find another retailer and see if you have the same problem. Also.....posting the same text 3 times in different threads regarding the same problem is not necessary.
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    Yes, they are authentic. The last 10 coils have had the same issue. I bought each pack from a different store. Before these, I was having the opposite problem and would have to poke at the cotton so they would wick properly. Now the juice is running straight through. I'm using the same juice that I always do. I bought a second Cleito and still have the same issue. If I look down the chimney, I can see the juice pouring into it. I'm about to go to the vape store and see what they say. I didn't intentionally post it three times, each time I refreshed it was still in the comment box so I tried other threads. I didn't realize they all posted.
  • @amcelveen

    Let us know what they say at the vape shop!
  • @charlzrocks They said it was most likely a quality issue with the batch of coils. He recommended buying a different tank. I bought a Mermaid Plus and I REALLY just want my Cleito to stop leaking. I've never found a tank that compares to it and the Mermaid is okay but it's not a Cleito!
  • @amcelveen

    I don't know what else to tell you. The folks at the B&M could be right. Sorry it hasn't worked out for you.
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