Aspire Nautilus X accessories are available now

Aspire Nautilus X accessories are available now
click this link to know the detailed information:
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  • Any chance of adding a longer drip tip? The current one gets awfully hot.
  • @kiralia This is a tiny tank,if it comes with a longer drip tip,I think it will looks very ugly, do you think so?
    I also try nautilus x every day,I use it at 15-17W. I get my favorite vape experience.
    I will pass your kind suggestion to our products development department.
  • No I do not think it would look ugly, you could double the length of the tip and it would still look great.

    Also having the option to extend the tip to save my lips from the heat would be preferable to avoiding that purely for the sake of prettiness lol

    Currently I use it at 16W with the tip barely fitted to try and extend it a little but it really is only a little since the tip is so tiny.
  • @kiralia I will pass your suggestion for a longer drip tip to our products development department.
  • In my opinion, the drip tips on both the Cleito and the Nautilus X are too short and Aspire should include a longer drip tip with each tank as an option!
  • I lost my drip tip. I need a replacement fast. Your accessories website is down. Is there any other website i can buy from. Im in United States. Please help.
  • @Tina
    Please check the link as an error occurs when you click on it! I tried to go to the Aspire store directly from the Aspire website and got the same error so..........
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    @charlzrocks I think the Aspire server is down again ...
  • @Cegoca It is working now :D
    I am sorry for the inconvenience
  • I am desperate for a longer drip tip, the tank is far too hot. Its not doing it for me at all, only got it on 9 1/2 w as its far too much any higher up.
  • @Bogwell4018 What box are you using ?
  • @Cegoca was recommended the Coolfire IV. have tried it on higher wattage and way too hot - so been turning it down. Have other Aspire stuff and find they are much cooler.
  • @Bogwell4018 That box is a TC model correct? Have you been using it in TC mode? You should never use a non TC tank with a mod in TC mode as it will be dangerous.
  • @Bogwell4018 As a reference, I use my iStick Pico with the nautilus x with 1.8ohm coil at 12w (the bottom of suggested power. I set it to maximum airflow and get a full, cool, flavorful hit and the tank and tip never get warm.
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