Hi Tina & Kiki,

What is the best way to clean Aspire Tanks and Clearomisers?

I am interested in using a dish washer machine but am concerned about damaging the silicon on the Nautilus (I have the both types of Nautilus)

I also have Aspire ET and Aspire ET-S.

Thank you for you good products.
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  • Dear Customer,
    Thank you for supporting aspire!
    You can disassemble the device,wash it with clean water,you can use a swab to help clean the corner.
    Notice: the coils can clean with water,you only can use a clean cloth to clean the surface of the coils.
    When customer want to change different flavor of e-juice ,we suggest to change coils,otherwise,you will get not pure flavor for the first dozen of puffs.
    Have a nice day!
  • Just take it apart and cleaning it under warm running water is perfectly fine.
  • Thanks for recommendations

    I tried using water / warm water
    The issue I have is that I used for a few weeks without cleaning
    Now the airflow isn't a smooth as when new
    It's as if the internal side of the hole are sticky
    I ran a paper clip / pin though them all which improved things but not for long

    It is hard to tell if the bas internal chamber is clean or not
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