Nautilus x coils

Hi guys I'm a bit new to vaping please can someone help me
I have a nautilus x when I need to change the coil do I have to empty the liquid from the tank first?
I've seen something that said just take the top off the tank same as refilling and unscrew the coil then screw in the new one but surely the tank must be empty first
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  • Hi thanks old_salt I presumed that was the case but very grateful to have confirmed by someone who knows what they are talking about
    Don't know where you are but I'm in UK and support from retailers is non existent they are happy to sell you the device but offer no advice
  • @Old_Salt thank you for the correct advice.
  • P. Busardo shows changing the coil without emptying the tank. I don't recommend his method. If you don't empty the tank the bottom hardware will flood and you could have a poor connection with the coil.

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