Dear Support Team,

I have purchased my tank no more than a month ago.

The last 2-3 days, when I put in a new 50/50 PG/VG split juice the taste changed rapidly. The juice began tasting burned, I replaced the coil and the same problem persisted.


There is A DARK BROWN LIQUID emerging from the bottom hardware part and it mixes with the juice. The juice goes from being clear to being dirty brown color, which progresses into a BLACK LIQUID


People at my local vape shop told me that the browning might be just the VG being boiled, but it tastes HORRIBLE.
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  • How often do you change your coils? I'll get brown leaching out of my coils turning my e-juice brown when the coil is overdue for changing plus it will taste burnt. What coils are you using BVC or BDC? Also what watt/volt are you vaping it at?
  • "I replaced the coil and the same problem persisted. "

    Sorry I didn't see that when I first read your post. I'm still curious what coils your using BVC or BDC?
  • I can somewhat make out from the edge of the bottle you are holding up that it's Mt Baker Vapor juice. Which flavor is it and what is the nicotine content?

    It looks to me like you found yourself a coil gunking juice and not a problem with your Nautilus. It's a clear liquid but if it has a high sugar/sweetener content it will gunk up and carmalize on the coil really fast. The darkening of the juice is the caramelized coils coloring it. You can try turning the volts down, but it won't solve the problem. I know MBV sells a few coil gunking liquids.

    Also if you leave it out much in the heat or the sun it will darken a little as well depending on the nicotine content.
  • The juices are indeed Mt Baker 50/50 PG/VG split. Flavors are Dragonfruit and Blue Drake. They are very sweet.

    Thank you for your help Joseph. Will this juice make my coils burn out quickly ?

    also nic content is 3mg
  • Yes, certain liquid flavors will gunk up and ruin coils faster than others. They usually have a warning sentence for those flavors with a lot of reports of problems. I have used Mt Baker's Grape, Strawberry and Cotton Candy in the past without problems.

    I've recently started using just ECBlend juices. I think you would like ECB much better than MBV, at least I do. 8-)
  • Dear Joseph,

    What is the best VG/PG split in your opinion ?

    (to prevent gunking up, etc. this shit is turning black real fast)

    I had the 50/50 but I think 70PG 30VG is best ?
  • I prefer 50/50, you have to stay away from flavors with enhanced sugar/sweetner with clearomizers or this problem happens. A 70PG/30VG mix with lower voltage/wattage would help prevent the problem, but it is not a total solution.

    The only other thing you can do is replace the coils more often if you have to have these coil gunking juices. My suggestion is to find flavors similar that appeal to you. For instance, I know from personal experience the cotton candy flavor from MBV does not gunk up.
  • Hi,
    High VG e-juice will affect the coils life,which has been confirmed by our tests.
    We suggest our customer to use our products with low VG e-juice,it is good that the proportion of the VG under 50%
    Thank you!
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