Aspire new product release--Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit

Introducing the K4 from Aspire. This open source electronic cigarette is easy to use and satisfying right out of the box! The K4 brings you an economic tobacco alternative with a direct to lung experience that is convenient to use and satisfying.
more detailed information,please click here:Aspire K4 Quick Start Kit
the K4 battery is designed for the tank inside the K4 kit,In order for good flavor and vapor,please use the 0.27ohm coil come with the kit,please don't use other resistance coil.

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vaper dave
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  • Another fine product from aspire. Got to try one of these
  • @vaper dave thank you for your kind support >:D<
  • It would be really cool if they could make the tank pink to match the battery like the black one!
  • @Tina A new Cleito coil (0,27 Ohm for 40-55 W) ?

    Is that "K4" tank exactly the same as a Cleito tank ?

  • Cegoca said:

    @Tina A new Cleito coil (0,27 Ohm for 40-55 W) ?

    Is that "K4" tank exactly the same as a Cleito tank ?

    Here is the copy description directly from the Aspire site:
    The k4 kit contains the k4 battery, a Cleito tank, a 0.27 Cleito coil preinstalled,an extra replacement coil and a Cleito cuff, and a Microusb cable.
  • Well, I read "K4 tank" somewhere, thought it would be a new tank like for the K2 and K3 ...
  • I found the description at the very bottom of the page under the photo of the boxed kit
  • Well I found the mention of the "K4 Tank dimensions" all the way above and the 0.27 ohm resistance also seems very new, therefore my simple question.
    "Is that "K4" tank exactly the same as a Cleito tank ?"
    I've had my answer now, regardless the way it was given ...

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    The K4 tank is the same as the cleito tank.
    the K4 battery is designed for the tank inside the K4 kit,In order for good flavor and vapor,please use the 0.27ohm coil come with the kit,please don't use other resistance coil.
  • @Tina Can you please tell me what the output voltage is for the K4 battery ?
    And for the K2 and K3 ?
  • @Cegoca ,the output voltage will change with different resistance coils.
    For the K2,K3 kit,the output voltage is 3.2-4.6V
    For the K4 Kit,the output voltage is 3.3-4.2V.

  • @Tina I noticed that you posted stating to only use the .27 ohm coil heads for the cleito tank on the battery that comes in the k4 kit. This seems odd to me considering the wattage ratings that aspire manufactures on the coil heads. The .4 ohm coil has almost the same wattage range as the .27 (actually states 5 watts more of range on the coilhead than the .27) so why would these coils preform sub-optimally on the k4 kit? Also i was able to locate the specifications on the k4 battery and it states it has a wattage output range from 48-72 watts, according to the wattage ranges on the coil heads this range would include all coil heads in acceptable parameters of use .2,.27. and .4 If you have any further information on why you recommend only using the .27 coil heads it would be greatly appreciated because going by the specifications given on the k4 unit and the cleito coil heads they should be compatible and preform just fine. Thanks for your help in advance


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  • Hi Joe, I can answer this one...
    Power = Voltage squared divided by resistance (P = E^2 / R or E = sqrt(P * R))
    The Cleito 0.4Ω coil is designed for 4 - 4.9 volt sources
    The K4 coil is designed for 3.3 to 3.9 volt sources

    The K4 battery is not adjustable, and is probably a lithium ion cell with protective and charging circuitry to yield the proper voltage for the the K4 coil. This voltage is too low for the Cleito coils. The K4 coils may be used with MODs capable of delivering the appropriate wattage.

    Hope this clears the confusion
  • Ok salt thanks, im familiar with ohms law etc which is why I was having trouble, the coil heads only have a wattage range rating on them i had not seen the voltage rating anywhere. I do appreciate the info, but where I see an issue is the specs given by aspire. Again the k4 battery specs say it has a maximum 4.2 v output and 20-30A output which would be in the parameters that you gave for the .4 even. Im not saying that you are wrong, I just feel like aspire may have needed to include more accurate info on the devices capabilities and specs. We sell the K4 kit at my store, I purchased a k4 kit for my wife and she has been using the .4 coil heads on it for almost a month with great results, I did not like the way the .27 hit on the k4 flavor was greatly diminished and every 4th or 5th pull would produce a dry hit. However what started my research into this was another manager calling to relay that a few customers were unhappy with the vape quality from the .4 coils on the k4 battery. Obviously any devices performance is subjective, but this particular case seems to be more of an issue with Aspire, not providing any information in the k4 packaging or a direct statement on their homepage that the k4 battery was only designed for use with the .27 ohm coil heads.
  • Don't forget that batteries have an internal resistance. K4 current with a fully charged battery is roughly 15A. A 0.03Ω internal resistance would drop the voltage to the coil by 0.45V to 3.75V. With the 0.4Ω Cleito coil the voltage drop would be 0.3V, for 3.9V at the coil for a fully charged battery. With the Cleito coil you start vaping below the coil's minimum voltage requirement, thus the vape quality would be poor.
  • I just bought my wife one of these today. The dude in my local B&M burnt the .27Ω coil when trying to screw the tank on, he held the button down, the doofus. I was unaware of the "must use .27Ω" at the time, and he replaced it with a .4Ω (no charge, of course) it's vaping great with it.

    Does the K4 work like a mech or regulated mod?
  • @Niall it output wattage will be different according to the batter power
  • So, in effect, like a mech.
  • Really dont know if should be doing this but I've popped my K2 with 1.6 coil on the K4 battery and after a week of use it working better then ever.I was half expecting a burnt out coil. Am I heading for disaster or is this fine?
  • Hi just wondering it someone could advise. Will I be able to use my k3 battery as a spare with my k4 kit? Many thanks
  • @shifty132 No,we don't suggest.As the output wattage of K3 mod is not suitable for the tank from K4 kit
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