Triton Mini intermittent dry hits and gurgling

Last week I bought the Aspire Mini Pegasus kit and was delighted. I'm using the Ni200 coil TC mode. At first it was perfection, but in the last 3 days I've been getting horrible dry hits with a metallic taste. The coil was primed properly. I have it in vape position, but it seems that it isn't wicking properly. Someone on another forum suggested it could be a vacuum problem and said to unscrew the top slightly to ease the vacuum and it would wick, which did indeed work and had seemed to fix it. However, I'm having to do it more and more and have noticed the device getting very warm as well. Is this the coil at the end of it's life? I'm having to loosen the top every other vape now to get it to wick. Any advice?
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  • "Horrible dry hits with a metallic taste," is a characteristic of a coil past its useful life. I'd change it. Personally I like the 1.8Ω Clapton coil for this tank.
  • Hi Old_Salt thank you for your reply. Honestly I don't think it's the coil, however this type of coil is new to me so not sure about their life span. I'm pretty sure it's a wicking issue. When a loosen the top of the triton in vape mode, you'll see a big bubble rise up and then it's back to the sweet vape it was at the start. Perhaps my vaping style dries the wick fast? I've just had a "low resistance" thing pop up on screen???? What is that??? Then it went to the screen you get when you insert a fresh battery asking to input coil name, room temp etc. ??????
  • Did you put the Triton mini back into the 'Vape' mode after re-filling it? I've forgotten a time or two and had the same results.
  • I have to agree with @Old_Salt on this one - the 1.8 Clapton is the coil to stick with. I thought the nickel coils tasted metallic from the start, and could never quite find the sweet spot for vapor production and taste. I have completely given up on TC, and vape on Clapton coils almost exclusively.

    To date, I have had only one dry hit on the 1.8 Clapton coils. At the end of my very first tank on my Plato I did not notice through the window that I had completely run out of liquid. That flavor is unmistakable, and still haunts my dreams... LOL
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