Let me see your COOL BOOT LOGO!

I've been playing around changing the boot logo. Nifty little feature in which you can spend way too much time on!! I originally just had my name, but lordy that's boring. I wanted an image, but the monochrome limitation, well... limits you! LOL. I recalled the sexy reclining woman you see very often on trucker mudflaps, so that's what I did. What do you think? Feel free to share your own logos, I'd very much be interested. Perhaps I'll 'borrow' yours. :)
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  • Not a bad job there, pretty readable for a bitmap!
  • Thanks! I wanted something 'sexy', so this will work until if/when I can come up with (or steal) something better. :)
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    I've changed my logo again... Female Angel & Devil. It actually looks pretty cool, but could not get a very good photo of it this time for some reason. I've attached the bmp file for those that might wish to see if they like it. I love it and I'm now done... wasted way too much time on this. LOL
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    Oh, and please feel free to post your own boot logos, I'd be curious to see what others are doing with this feature.
  • Jeez! Good job! Wish I had the patience for that!
  • Was a bit easier than it may look. I just found the 'right' pic online and then resized to see how it looked.
  • @GDA63378 Very cool screen logo,how do you make it?
  • I originally searched for mud-flap silhouette girl... or something like that. I searched for that phrase because that's where I remember seeing them most of the time. Then found a site that had a few derivatives of the theme. I saved the image, cropped, and resized it. Then I put on the device to see how it looked. :)
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