Chinese labeled Cleito from Gearbest

Can anyone from Aspire or in general make sense of this? Gearbest insists it is authentic but I see a lot of red and exclamation points. This was from my initial check of the number. The U.S. site says the number does not exist.

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  • @ilovetoregister gearbest is a Chinese company,what's more,it is not our authorized distributor.
    In China,Only our authorized distributor can get and sell our product.
    You are not the only customer to complain this company,we have added this company into our copycat.
  • Thank You for answering.

    Gearbest still insists it is real. Here is all I keep getting from them so far.
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    crap.JPG 32.5K
  • Just a final update. I received a refund and a day later a surprise arrived letting me know they were very sorry....
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  • That was nice of them - if you intend to give them more business.
  • Well .. i bought earlier this year an Odissey kit from them .... and later a Triton 2 tank ... in both cases the scratch code indicated that the product was original .. does this mean that the product was original .. or that your scratch code system does not work ?
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