Leakage in my Triton Aspire Atlantis tank...

So, my Atlantis has spitting and leakage... not entirely sure why. A manager at a vape shop told me the wattage could be too high for the coil to handle, so I turned my wattage down to the minimum my coil would take (which is 60w), and it worked for a while, but now it keeps spitting, and leaking out of the airflow both at the base of the tank, and at the top, where the mouth piece goes... I am constantly cleaning juice crap off of the seal rings in my mouth piece, to get it to go down into the top of the tank all the way, and there is no seal between the tank itself, and the chimney of my coil/atomizer dealy. Is there a free/cheap way to get a seal, and or fix the problem otherwise?
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  • It's also quite annoying waking up to brown spots (depending on the juice I've got), on my bed on occasion when I don't set it upright.
  • @rainbowluvscake It's difficult to see, but there appears to be a coil to chimney seal in the upper hardware.

    The leakage at the AFCs is probably due to condensation. Continue inhaling after releasing the firing button on your MOD until no further vapour is available. This will stop most condensation. Note that there will still be a little. There is more metal in the Atlantis' chimney than in the more modern tanks. Some vapour will condense against the chimney in all tanks, a little more in the Atlantis due to its heavier construction.

    What coil are you using? I'm unaware of any Aspire coil for the Atlantis/Triton 2 that fires at 60W.

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  • I don't remember the exact type, @Old_Salt , so here's a pic. The packaging said 60-80 W, but the coil itself says 70-80....
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  • It 's a 0.3 Ohm kanthal coil, needs 70 to 80 Watts to function.
    I would say, push your mod (what mod actually ?) to 75 Watts and give it a try then.
    And for the next coils you buy, take the 0.5 Ohm Clapton one, they are better.
    What's your tank exactly ? Atlantis V1, V2 or Mega; or Triton V1 or V2 ? ? ?
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