Cleito RTA concerns

  • I don't know how I necessarily feel about that RTA design. I feel like anything that would require a special tool would limit my building capabilities for this tank. IMO, this tank is the perfect set up for an RTA with the full chimney coil design. Now, anything that requires a special tool is limiting. I feel like a short 2 post (maybe 2x post holes) placed on the sides of the airflow would be the best option, with the airflow remaining the same, running up through the bottom.
    Nothing crazy where you attach the leads where they go on the standard coil heads. Call me crazy but I'm a builder & having an RBA deck that would accommodate complex builds would sell better than the design I'm seeing. And in the building world, Claptons & fused Claptons are not really considered complex at all anymore. Not with places like Lightning Vapes selling 25ft spools of them.
  • When is the RTA coming??
  • And that's the $64,000 question.

  • Hello All,
    I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience!
    How about I sitting at aspire products development department's office,supervising them to make the RTA?
  • @Tina If it can help, why not ;))
    But I prefer you to stay here ;)
  • @Cegoca Ok,I will try.
    Hello Tina,fighting. :bz
  • Just wondering why the wait for a's almost 2 months since Cleito dropped and there surely should have been a RTA section by now...I mean by this time with the influx of new hardware Aspire should really be ready to release a new product...stop procrastinating and get the consumers a RTA before it's too late and nobody even wants to use the Cleito anymore
  • @genius702 Not everyone wants to rebuild his coils, are you aware of that ?
  • I believe Aspire dropped the ball with releasing the Cleito without an RTA available with it.
    I'm having problems with leakage at the airflow holes no matter what I try. I'm thinking and hoping that the RTA will fix this problem for me, since i'd be making my own wicking. I know not many others are having this problem but I am. I've checked that everything is good and snug and the o-rings are in good shape, they are fine. It only does it once or twice while going through a tank of juice and will repeat every time after I refill. I even close the air slots before removing the top to refill. Any ideas of what may be wrong other than get a different tank...I have many that do not leak with my juice so that isn't it either.
  • Tina said:

    @angel1579 this time,the RTA will come very soon. ;;)

    Tina please don't bother wasting key strokes when all you are doing is repeating the advertisement that we have all seen since December when the tank launched.
  • thank God. finally.

    Now we just have to wait a little while longer for it to drip feed to retailers.
  • Vaping is a lesson about waiting !

  • For what it is worth

    I built my first, with the supplied coils. First try, added cotton, juice, primed, etc, then loaded it onto my Archon. It made such a pop/small explosion, i instinctively pulled it away from my face. Scared the excrement out of me. Tried it a few times again next day, this time on a 35w iStick, same thing, small explosion, scared me excrementless.... I looked into a few reviews and noted one guy swapped out the supplied (tight) coils for ones with spacing between them - this, he said, stopped that from happening.

    For me, not super keen to wade back into the water with this one - i kinda like not having vaping explosions in my face......
    This is my first RTA, checked and rechecked the way i did it - now wary of RTA's in general.

    Just a user heads-up...

  • @Eyecue

    Good to know! Hey @Tina maybe you could have Product Development look into this problem?
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    @charlzrocks Seriously ? If Aspire's Product Development team was to be alerted each time a newbie had problems on his first try on it's RTA, they will have to close down business ... :-S

    @Eyecue Try putting some more cotton in your coils and use the preheat function on the Archon, Clapton coils need power.

    I use 4 Cleito RTA's daily, never had that problem ... for what it is worth ... :D
  • @Cegoca

    Yes, seriously.......and hey.....lighten up smart guy!
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