Voltage and om issues

I'm using my aspire mega on my ipv 3 li mod and the om and voltage keeps jumping. The voltage will go from 4.89-7.10 within a hit. I've tried to change coil thinking maybe it was a bad coil but it continued doing it. In using a .3 coil and have no idea how to stop it from jumping. Could you please help me fix this issue? Thank you very much in advance.
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  • Are you using it in TC or wattage mode? In TC mode dropping from 7.1V to 4.89V could be normal as the coil reaches operating temperature. What batteries are you using? At 80W the voltage should be 4.89V, and your current should be about 16A.

    It could also be a poor 510 connection. Remove the batteries from the MOD and use rubbing alcohol to clean the connector of the MOD and tank. Check the spring loaded center connector at the MOD by pushing it down with a pin. It should pop right back out. You may also need to clean the base hardware of your tank and the center pin of your coil.

  • @Old_Salt I have it set at 75watts and it's a fairly new mod I've only had it for a little over a week plus new batteries. The volts aren't dropping just jumping up randomly.
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