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    Glad That You Took The Time And Made The Effort To Note Your Experience. I Don't Need To Ask Any Questions, As I Know EXACTLY What You Are Experiencing And How FRUSTRATING It Is!!

    However, I Hope You Consider The Folllowing. Note: The Issue Of Bad/Faulty Design Flaw Coils Still Stands Irrelevant Of What I'm About To Say And With A Working Coil, In My Opinion There Is NO Other Tank That Can Touch The Cleito. SEE NEXT POST . . . .
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    Over 6-8 Packs, I Have Tried Everything You Can Imagine, Plus Plenty That You Can't. Thought I Should Raise This; There ARE Coils That Are Totally No Use. HOWEVER, I Have Figured Something Out. I Pre-Prepare Coils, By Leaving Them In Their Packets And Using A Syringe/Needle To Fill With 25% PG + 75% Chosen Flavour. Leave As Long As It Takes For Current Coil To Need Replacing, 2Hr + Is Fine. I Use The Syringe To Remove The Liquid. I Fit It, Fill Up With 2ml And Turn My Pegasus Down To 25W. I Take Breaks To Prevent Heating Up. THE KEY PART: The Flavour Tastes OK, Then After 5 Puffs Or So, It Starts To Taste Like The Faulty Coils DO. If You Continue Breaking It In, After Around 30-50 Puffs, Use A Cotton Bud And Give The Wire In The Coil A Good Clean. You Will Notice A Dark Brown/Black Colour On The Cotton. Repeat Once or Twice Until The Cotton Has NO Dark Colouring. Get Back To Breaking It In And The Flavour Will Quite Quickly Kick In! I'm Averaging 4 Good Coils Out Of 5!! With This Method + NEW Boxes Of Coils (They've Changed SOMETHING) Used To Be 4 BAD Out Of 5!!

    I'm Not Saying This Is A Fix For Faulty Coils. BUT Due To The Fact Faulty Coils Exist, The Ones That Are NOT Faulty Can Give A Very Similar Taste When Brand New, To Faulty "Burn Out" Coils. In Essence, The Faulty Coil Issue Is Leading People To Falsely Belive That Some Coils Are BAD; When Infact This Is Inaccurate!! Try It, Next New Coil You Fit That Has A Bad Taste (As Long As It Is NOT CLEARLY A BAD COIL) Bear With It For 5-10 Minutes, Clean The Dark Build Up On the Wire (That Causes The Taste) You'll Break Through And Get Past The Problem.
  • @Smitty1551 If you're determined to move away from Aspire coils, try the Vaporesso cCells for the Triton and Atlantis tanks. The 0.9Ω is Kanthal, and 0.2Ω is Ni200. They retail for about the same price as Aspire coils. Some B&Ms sell single coils, so you won't be much out of pocket if you don't like them. My 0.9Ω has vaporized more than 100ml, and been cleaned three times (burned dry then ultrasonically cleaned).
  • I was having the same issues. No doubt in my mind that it is a design flaw with the Triton. More coils burned than did not. You can get past it. Before doing the primer puffs, soak and I mean soak the living hell out of the coil. Drop juice in the top until it will not absorb any more. Then hold it to the side and drop more in and let the stray juice stay on the grille as you rotate it in your fingers, spreading it around getting it to absorb a little more. Do this a few times. Now hold a side hole up and keep hitting it until things are about to get messy. Keep doing this on each one until no more can sink in. Now assemble your mod except for the drip tip. Put it in vaping mode and put drip tip in. Close bottom vent and do your primer puffs over a course of 5 minutes. Close bottom vent to about 1/4 and open top(so you don't draw too hard but are pulling in juice) and hit that baby. If you coil tastes very slightly burnt in several days, open top vent, close bottom to a pinhole, and reduce power for a bit to get her as wicked as she was and taste should go away, so long as you didn't let it go too far. I was almost ready to give up on this tank, but now it is a very satisfying, if high maintenance, vape. Most Aspire stuff is low maintenance, but not this puppy. It is workable though.
  • And what happened with the 4 other coils from the same pack ?
    One bad coil can happen any time ...
  • I thought I loved Aspire products now the coils are driving me towards a new brand. The last few packs of coils are faulty and once again the first one taste burnt quickly out of a new pack. These are .05 coils recommended for c.f. sub. I've noticed these look in diameter just like the .03 atomizer which won't work.
    Coils are doing exactly what .03 coils do burn fast and are nasty 2 hits in and are destroyed because you need 70 to 80 to use. Long story short like many have stated above its not me its your coils because I have c.f. sub ohm and c.f. maxx with same results. Aspire do something or you will loose people look up I don't trust Aspire anymore. All my products and coils codes came up real. My coils that came with platinum kit worked great.
    If this happens with 1.0 atomizer constantly I'm out. Otherwise love your products ☺☺
  • they wont use a wire and wick that will last,
    If you use a clean juice the wire will die, dirty juice will clog and the wire will die,
    each and every way they are short lived 100ml would be good from an aspire coil,
    great vape but expensive, most reviews do not show the long term use of these
  • Have the same problem, 7 packs of nautilus mini coils and each pack last less than two weeks. Can anyone recommend a better tanks and coils that will last longer and taste greate?
  • I signed up just to express similar concerns on the downward spiraling in the quality of triton mini tanks (both clapton 1.8, and Ni200 variants) .. all purchased on eBay UK. All poor quality packs passed the web-based genuineness check. I have been vaping seriously for more than 3 years now, so please spare me the bull***t of suggesting poor usage. These are terrible quality coils. PERIOD!!!

    Feeling alarmed at the shoddy quality (poor production, not lasting more than a couple of days), I took a peek at Amazon UK, and surprisingly cannot find any triton mini coils listed for sale.

    So, I came round here and discovered this here thread. What I am reading into this is of poor quality controls and supply channels.

    Aspire, what's going on ??!!!! Have you stopped appreciating and respecting your customers? Should one start looking towards another product?
  • this issue with bad coils is ridiculous.. 3/3 bad coils. the cost is too high to buy coils all the time.
    at least vaping helped me quit smoking, and BAD coils are about to force me quit vaping! xD
  • Why don't you guys first buy from the source (ie Aspire web shop) and revert afterwards, instead of complaining about your dubious purchases ...
  • Okay!
    So, there are so many of us having the same problem. Does anyone know whether Aspire has responded, taken action or just ignoring the comments and complaints??!
    If the latter, what are we going to do to instigate some form of response??
    No point in bleating about it and continuously spending money!!!
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    cynchick said:


    So, there are so many of us having the same problem. Does anyone know whether Aspire has responded, taken action or just ignoring the comments and complaints??!

    If the latter, what are we going to do to instigate some form of response??

    No point in bleating about it and continuously spending money!!!

    Early on in my vaping experience I bought a lot of coils from ebay. Just about all coils I got from there were fake, made to look like they were manufactured by Aspire, in every aspect from the coil to the packaging. Now I only buy my coils from Aspire China or Aspire USA website, and not one bad coil out of the bunch. That would be Atlantis, Cleito, Pockex, and Revvo coils. The reason I get them from Aspire because I realized that any vape shop or website can sell fakes, don't trust anyone now but the manufacturer. Now for those saying the scratch off codes are good, they probably are, but what stops anybody from taking a coil box that came from Aspire and stuffing fake coils into it and reselling it. Aspire needs so seal their coil boxes so they need to be ripped open and not reusable.

  • Its 2018 and coils have gotten worse. I have been using the mini Nautilus for 4 years. Sure, I can change the 1.8ohm coil every 2 to 3 days , no problem. But now, each new coil, does not last a day. Its not burning up, its the simple fact THERE IS NO COTTON IN THE COIL. I know when I'm sucking air, and this is sucking air. Either its a scant amount of cotton, or no cotton, just air and fluid flowing across wire...I'm DONE giving this company money for a faulty product. Bye Bye Aspire
  • for service,please feel free to contact :)
  • I agree with @charlzrocks. I have a hard time seeing how that many coils are going bad and only for a few people. Sweet juice, even expensive sweet juice, can gunk up and burn coils in a very short amount of time.
  • I have to agree as well. I have been vaping on the Nautilus for two years, and have never had a bad tasting coil, nor even a single DOA coil. I did have a bottle of sweet cherry cinnamon juice go rank on me though. I love this flavor, but one bottle suddenly started tasting like dirty socks...
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