Changing from Watts to Temp

I started my aspire Pegasus with the Kanthal coil in watts mode now I would like to try my nickel and titanium coils how do I reset the box mod to run in temp mode ... I have a triton RTA sitting on top ...

Thanks everyone
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  • I assume it is the Triton v1 if you are using the RTA. Does that mean you also have the Pegasus v1? If so, it will switch to TC mode automatically when you install a nickel coil. I found the Titanium to be a bit trickier, but it is supposed to detect Ti automatically as well.

    The Pegasus v2 has a menu option that pops up every time you install a new coil, and will ask what the coil is made of.
  • It should normally automatically detect when you put a new coil on it, as long as it is still on.
    Do you have the Pegasus V1 or V2 ?
  • When you put the tank on that has the TC atomizer the screen will as if it is a new tank. Select Yes and adjust the settings.

    Also if you take the battery out and then put it back in it should ask if it is a new tank or not. Select 'Yes'

    You can also look at the Aspire Atlantis Mega Product Manual Video to learn all about the features and how they work or the Pegasus user manual.
  • I do like aspire very much high powered big clouds but can't get the smoke tfv4 to work just says low resistance any body no about this?
  • edited January 2016 Vote Up0Vote Down In wattage (reg) mode the Pegasus supports atomizers from 0.1Ω-3.0Ω. What atomizer are you using? If you are using an RTA, what is the configuration. What mode is the Pegasus in? TC? Ti? Ni200? We can't help without knowing the details.
  • edited January 2016 Vote Up0Vote Down What kind of resistance do you use on your Smok TFV4 ? Home-made or any other prebuild ?
    The prebuild ones need power from 30 to 90 or 100 Watts (!) to function correctly, the Pegasus only goes up to 70W.
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