Auto Battery

I have a Nautilus Replacement Tank with Hollowed-out Sleeve.
I can't get it to work with my 510 Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage Auto battery.
Do you now some solution?
I must have an auto battery.

I have tried with an KR808D Vapor Zeus Variable Voltage e Cig Battery - Auto with some adapters not working

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  • Auto batteries generally have an air passage with a sensor in it to detect inhalation. The air passage mates with a similar passage to the atomizer. The Nautilus uses outside air, and does not have the passage to the battery. It is not compatible with your Zeus Variable Voltage Auto battery, as it cannot trigger the inhalation sensor.
  • Are the tanks that works with Zeus Variable Voltage Auto battery? i don't like Vapor4lifes tanks.
  • @Vipers
    You will encounter much the same problem with the Aspire tanks as well. They will all require a very tight air draw which unfortunately even the lower end Aspire tanks will not be able to accomodate. I have a Smokeless Image/Volt auto batery and it doesn't work with the Aspire Maxi clearomizer unless you restrict the airflow with your finger. From what I have seen on their website, this is a "cig-a-like" battery that is made for cartomizers, not a clearomizer, which is what the Nautilus is. Cartomizers have a tight air draw which activates the suto sensor allowing the battery to fire. I don't recommend any auto firing cig-a-like battery with any clearomizer.
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