New type of coils to replace BDC?

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As i understood from my local vape shop, BDC coils are discontinued. I remember official posts on this forum saying that Aspire will make BDC and BVC as long as the customers need it. Well, nice. My local vape-shop said it won't bring any BDC coils because they fear those will be fakes. Tbh everything i got from them was original and i don't blame them for this policy. But i need a replacement for my old BDC coils. I can't use BVC, these doesn't work with 100 % VG! They burn in an instant. BVC coils work very well with PG but i do not use PG. So BDC were perfect for me. very sad face -> :-(

My question is, what can i use instead of those BDC coils that are no longer being made? Please?


As i see, BDC are still in shop, 97950 Units in Stock. Will you discontinue the product or is my local vape-shop retarded? Dunno what to think anymore
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  • I find this interesting, that there are die-hard BDC fans out there still. Personally, I love the new BVC coils in my Nauties and I run 100% VG in them at 18-22 Watts for the 1.8 Ohm coils.

    @Bhloo can I ask what you were running the BVC coils at that burned them out? I know the cloned coils are terrible, but the genuine BVCs have been just awesome for me. These are my #1 favorite coils, along with the Triton 1.8 Ohm coils. Although, I must say I tried the 1.6 Ohm Nautilus coils and had terrible luck. I just didn't like them, and never found my sweet spot.
  • @Bhloo The coils you are looking for are available on the Aspire website store at this link

    If you order from Aspire they will be genuine!
  • @watkijw I think you are confusing your Nautilus coils with the ones for the ET-S and CE5 Bhloo is using.
    Both exist in BDC or BVC but for the most around my country, the BVC for the Nautilus were an improvement but not for the ET-S/CE5.
    BDC for my ET-S and CE5 are still the bests and the more, you can easily dry-burn them.
  • @Cegoca thanks, I certainly was confusing them! I was thinking Nautilus, and had no idea you were taling about the ET-S/CE5 coils. My apologies, as I know basically nothing about them. I do own one ET-S, but have used exactly two coils in it... LOL :\">
  • @watkijw No harm done ;)
    It is rarely clear when people mention BDC or BVC, wether they talk about ET-S/CE5 or Nautilus clearos without mentioning it.
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