Triton RTA Wicking having trouble keeping up

I have two RTAs and two Triton tanks. I've built two coils, both 7 wraps on 27 gauge Kanthal A1 which gives me about 1.5-1.8Ohms....right about where I like it. The coils are mounted horizontally and performing fine. However on one tank, running a combination Charlie's Dream Cream (70vg/30pg) and NJOY's Dragon Scape (70vg/30pg) the wick isn't keeping up. I'm not particularly chain vaping, pretty much vaping like it's a cigarette. The other tank is running a combination of Dream Cream and Cuttwood's Unicorn Milk (yes, I like Dream Cream. :) ), and it's keeping up perfectly fine.

Wicking I've tried has been both the cotton that comes with the kit, as well as Koga.

Tried EVERYTHING I can think of. The coils are identical (built them both at the same time) I've tried different wick combinations from thicker, to thinner, to more in the juice hole, to less in the juice holes....doesn't seem to matter. Once the pre-primed wick finishes its juice it starts to dry hit on me. Cold pulls fix the issue (I can see the bubbles), and waiting 10-15 minutes also works (so I know it's wicking, just really slowly). I'm stumped. The VG/PG ratios are the same in both keeps up and one doesn't.

Any ideas folks? I'm at a loss.
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  • @smw6181 maybe your cotton is too tight in the tank that is not wicking well? You could try pulling out the cotton and rewicking it, and make sure you don't have the cotton too tight in the coil. Honestly, I have found that vertical coils work better for me, so you could try that too.

    Good luck!
  • @smw6181 Glad you got it worked out. Coil diameters really do make a big difference. :)

    Happy Vaping!
  • @smw6181 great news you got it sorted :)
  • @watkijw Vertical coils are kind of a waste in my opinion as you can't really rewick them. Once you pull them out while it's POSSIBLE to get them back in it's more trouble than it's worth. :)

    I've tried changing the wick about 6 times. No difference. I've even switches the juices between tanks so that I'm using the exact juice in both, same thing. It's very very weird.
  • Here's a little more weirdness for you folks that know more about this than I do. You're not supposed to vape a tank dry, but since I intended to rebuild the coil and rewick it again anyhow, I figured, what the heck. Once the juice got BELOW the juice holes in the tank I couldn't get a dry hit until there wasn't any juice left...chain vaped the crap out of it.

    Maybe a vacuum issue, or something? I'm at a loss. Anyone else have any ideas?
  • It could be a vacuum issue - but I couldn't say for sure. I wondered whether the cotton could be too tight as @watkijw suggested, but I noticed you said you'd tried thicker and thinner wicks. Have you tried some different types of cotton?
    That still doesn't explain why one is fine and the other isn't though...

    I just tend to stick to RDAs in the house now and use my Tritons with the pre-made coils when I'm out or at work.

    @smw6181 do you find you get a better vape/flavour from the RTA that works well versus the Aspire coils?
    I like the idea of the RTA for the Triton but have been enjoying dual clapton coils on the velocity too much to think its worth the effort for the time being!
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    @Viruk I've tried both the Aspire cotton that comes with it and some Koga that I had in the house.

    I definitely get a better vape and more flavor from my own builds (vanilla builds, micro coils. 7 wraps on 27 gauge Kanthal A1, 3mm inner diameter...messed with a dual coil that failed spectacularly ;) ). Running those at 23 watts. Very tasty, and considering I'm MTL'ing it really good vapor production. Built a .5ohm coil and got some insane clouds (not what you see on the cloud chaser videos, mind you, but it blocked my vision for 2-3 seconds. Good enough for me.). So all in all yeah, aside from not having to spend money every 2-3 weeks on prebuilt coils I do find that the RTA is working out nicely for me. Plus for whatever reason coils are lasting me a lot longer. prebuilts I couldn't get more than 4 days out of. My own builds are lasting...well the last one did a week before I got bored and changed things around a little. Never had a dry hit on that coil/tank.
  • @smw6181 I've never had a dry hit on the triton coils (or Atlantis coils in the triton) but I cant get close to the vapour from a dual Clapton on the velocity RDA @ 70W ;)

    I think the Tritons actually have better flavour with some juices than the RDAs I use, but other juices I prefer on the RDA to the tanks.

    I mainly use my triton coils in the day and I almost always carry two Triton/Pegasus combos with me with different flavours and they kick out clouds that are plenty big enough for my needs! The coils are lasting me quite a while - not sure exactly but its weeks at a time, although I never use just one tank all day so the "load" is shared between multiple setups.

    So far I mainly use the 0.4ohm Triton coils at around 35W and the 0.5ohm Atlantis coils at around 33W and both are lasting really well. I've read about people cranking the wattage quite a bit higher but I guess that will reduce the life of them, but I haven't had any issues with the life of those coils.
    I still have an unopened pack of 0.3ohm Triton coils and a single Ni200 coil to test out, I quite like the look of the new Clapton coils and I'd be interested to know how they compare when anyone gets to try them :)
    With all those choices (and my current stock of spares!) I'm in no rush to try the RTA just yet - I'm sure I'll get around to it at some point though
  • Well if you have an RDA at home I doubt it's all that necessary. I'm too lazy to deal with RDAs, honestly, so the triton's my main tank (I have a kanger subtank mini too, but I prefer the triton).

    Just wish I could figure out what's wrong with my wicking in that particular RTA. Built a new coil and rewicked again. We'll see what happens this time.
  • @smw6181 I wouldn't rule out an RTA at all - especially if I can improve the all day vape with one.

    I hope the new build works out for you :)

    Please post an update if you figure it out - I'd be interested to know what works.
  • @Viruk Yeah, that's why I'm getting so annoyed with this RTA. One of them is perfectly fine, all day long. New build had the same problem. Probably not vacuum as I replaced the grommet and all the O-Rings. Also ran all the pieces including the drip tip and tank through the ultrasonic wash. Soon as the initial primer liquid burns out I have to cold pull to saturate the wick. Just finished off a tank full. I'm completely at a loss.
  • @Viruk @watkijw All fixed. Took a bunch of different things to fix it though.

    All fixed now. Turns out the juice holes are 2.4mm wide. Aspire recommends a 3.5mm coil. I was building 3.0mm coils. I enlarged the holes to 2.5mm with my coil master jig, built a new coil at 2.5mm and ADDED cotton to it. Keeping up fine now. I still have no idea why one RTA is working fine and the 2nd one took all that extra work, but since it's working now I'm happy with it. Going to have to do a new coil at some point. 2.5mm coil with 9 wraps turned out to be 2.03Ohms...a little higher than I like. I'll cut it down to 8 wraps, maybe 7 and get back around 1.8. Thanks for the advice and the chat folks. Gave me time to sit back and think about options. :)
  • Viruk said:

    @smw6181 great news you got it sorted :)

    Thanks, I'm pretty pleased myself. RTAs/RBAs are totally new ground for me. ;)
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