Triton Spitback

I just got my triton and it spits juice so bad I have to spit the juice from my mouth, it gurgles and spits like a volcano, I hope I just have a defective coil and that this is not normal.
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  • Man I am so sorry to hear of all the leaking issues with the Triton tank. That has to be a bummer. I as of today have never had one leak with my Triton, but I do feel for the Aspire customers that are having this problem.
  • Depending on the juice higher vg works better 70vg on up. And if it still does it it may be a defective coil.
  • I have noticed some spitting with the Triton SS coils (.4 and .3 ohm) and have changed to the Atlantis .5ohm coils with no problems.
  • Which coil are you using @Markc ? The 1.8 Ohm coils also seem to work very well for me.
  • I just bought the Triton two nights ago. I was happy the first night but yesterday morning had nothing but spit backs, and yesterday afternoon a puddle of juice all over my mod. I was using the stock .4 coil that came preloaded in the tank. I switched coils last night to another .4 coil, and so far things seem to be better. I'm crossing my fingers that it was just a faulty coil. I've heard that the Atlantis coils are much better, and plan to buy only them if they prevent spitballs and leaks.
  • I'm using a .4 ss that came with it and changed to a new .4 and lowered the wattage and it seems a lot better, now i'm going to try it with a ni200 tc and see how that goes
  • That is pretty funny because my Triton only leaked once ever, and it was with the stock .4 Ohm coil that came with it. There seems to be a pattern here. I prefer the 1.8 Ohm coil anyway, so no problem for me. Others seem to have better luck with the .5 Ohm Atlantis coil.

    Best of luck to you.
  • My second coil is doing better, but has spit back at me a few times. I'm bummed because I spent $50 on this tank and I expected it to be rock-solid like my Nautilus was. The store who sold it to me in town says to take the issue up with Aspire, and from the looks of it Aspire isn't doing anything to help customers with this issue.
  • @thevapist Folks have been reporting spitting, usually with the stainless steel coils. Try the Kanthal coils. The 1.8Ω Triton coil is awesome. The higher wattage Kanthal coils sold for the Atlantis work in the Triton, and are very good as well.

    I just bought a TC capable MOD. I'll give the stainless coils a try on that when I get the bugs worked out. The coils may not spit if a slow ramp up to temperature is chosen. Aspire also has Ni200 coils for TC to use if your mod is capable.
  • Thanks for the feedback everyone! I bought an Atlantis coil last night and am hoping things improve. I was out on the town and decided to grab a coil for my trusty Kangertech Sub and use it (rather than possibly getting juice all over my pocket while I'm out and about). Anyway, I'm excited to see if this thing resolves the spitting and leaking. I will report back later to let you know how it went. Cheers :)
  • @Markc I can highly recommend the Aspire Atlantis .5 ohm coils for not spitting or leaking. In my opinion, the spitting on the Triton coils has to do with the SS coil. Just make sure that the coils you buy are Authentic Aspire coils because there are a lot of fake/clone coils out there and they are pretty bad!
  • @thevapist please do let us know the results!
  • So far the spitting has stopped after a couple days, but I'm not to fond of the AFC, seems to have a lot of nooks and crannies in there that collects a lot of condensation and juice..
  • The Triton is no longer spitting now that it is loaded with the Atlantis coil. I am so relieved that I don't have to throw away this tank! There seems to be a bit of juice that collects at the bottom of the drip tip, and sometimes will make its way into my mouth. It's not ideal, but I think that it's just a result of the vapor collecting and pooling up.
  • @thevapist Good to hear that the Atlantis coils are working out for you! =D>
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