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Hey all I am always reading lately a lot of people having problems with their Aspire products from mods to tanks and even coils now I know I havnt vaped as long as some but from my experience I have always owned some product of Aspire and yet have had a problem I guess I may be a lucky one.... I did have problems with coils from my Nautilus and realized the shop I got them from were getting clones and since now buying all authentic I have yet to have another problem. I have been fortunate enough now to own the Pegasus and the Triton I have seen a lot of people having problems with both and I have put mine through vigorous wear and yet have a problem except for 1 time the Triton leaking and that was due from leaving in hot car and I mean a very hot car since I realized that was the problem i havnt had it happen since... I started this thread to hear some good things being Aspire was the reason why I was able to stop smoking for so long and I hope with what they decide to come out with next is just amazing as some of the past tanks mods and so fourth they work hard to keep up in this market and I think for such a big name company in this industry I find they treat us customers very well with giveaways and other chances for us to try their products... I also think Tina does a wonderful job in helping all our needs and being hard to make all happy but she tries hard so yes I think she deserves a pink tank for her self and for us all to say We Appreciate you and all that you do for us... Ok i just went on and on about a lot of nothing.....
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  • @BeccaKurtich I feel pretty much the same as you do about Aspire. The few problems that I have had are "minor" in my estimation (.4 Triton coils that spit and a slightly hinky battery door on my Pegasus). Despite these flaws I am so happy with my Aspire gear that I am a customer for life. :D
  • Same with me all of the things I have bought including the Triton I haven't had any problems. Aspire helped me quit smoking also and I am greatfull for that and will buy nothing but Aspire. Thanks Becca for making this post. ;)
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    @BeccaKurtich Sincerely thanks for your kind support.
    I know that what I am doing now is far from someone's expectation.But I will try my best to meet your expectation.
    I and all aspire's staffs will work hard to become better and better.
    Hope you can give me and aspire you kind support.
    Thank you again for the support and kind suggestion.

  • It's so nice to see the occasional post that only has positive things to say. The basic nature of a forum like this will show mainly problems people are having with their products, but that does not mean most people have problems! I think the majority never have any issues, and never bother with the forum. Having said that, I just want to reiterate:
    Thank you Aspire for caring enough to run a forum at all. It shows how much you believe in your products, and how much you care about your consumers! In my opinion, you are the best!!
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