Fake Nautitus Mini ????

Not sure if I have bought a fake.

When I input the security code (0676867684477184) it comes up as being checked 45972 times.
But does not specifically say this is a fake/clone.

Also the atomizer in the unit did not have a hole in the bottom pin so there was no air flow.
The included spare atomizer was OK.

So can anyone tell me if this is a fake???

Thanks in advance
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  • Yes it is a clone. You are one of 45,972 people that have been scammed by the manufacturer and distributors of the product you bought.
  • @manitobaden if I was in your position I'd take it (or send it) back to the retailer or supplier you bought it from.
  • Thank you to those who responded.

    I returned the item to the store and they gave me my money back.

    Bought another one at a different store.
    Checked it and it is genuine.

    I got lucky that the atomizer in the unit was bad, otherwise I probably would not have investigated and found out that it was a fake.
    A very good clone but not as good quality as the genuine unit but you would have to have both to know it was a knock off.

    Thanks again
  • @manitobaden Sounds like a good result for you - glad it worked out :)
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