Anybody NOT having issues with the Triton?

I got mine a few days ago and it has been performing wonderfully. No leaks, gurgles, flooding, or dry/burnt hits. Running the 0.4ohm coil at about 32w and the clouds and taste are massive. I've been seeing so many people complain about theirs and it makes me wonder if they didn't prep it right before using it. (tightening the coil in very snug, switching to vape mode before firing, etc) The only issue is the spit-back and that's my fault cause I'm using 50/50 liquid.

So many people complaining about it, and not just on this site. Anybody besides me very satisfied with their Triton?
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  • Well it seems some people just have a magic touch?

    I have 2 Tritons, one as yet unused so I can't comment on that one. The only one I have used has suffered from 2 leaks - one from the top AFC because an incorrect O-ring was factory fitted and the other from a flooded coil because a different O-ring was missing in the chimney.

    Since I traced and rectified these faults I have had no further leaks at all but it is a shame that Aspire QC has slipped so far that they actually sent me their top of the range device with two faults and they will not even bother to reply to my customer service requests - let alone send me the missing/incorrect O-rings.

    Hey ho, what can you do, they are in China, with my money, and I am in UK with a faulty device. This is why I am trying other manufacturers offerings at the moment - I have been using Aspire kit for a very long time but I am fed up with being flipped off!
  • So today I gave up on my Triton tank. I purchased it only 4 days ago and it has been 4 days of hell. I only bought it because I ran out of coils for my Nautilus Mini on Sunday and the only vape shop close enough for me to get to on my lunch break that was open was out of coils as well. As a result I knew I had to buy another tank and at the time Aspire a name I trusted and the only one I recognized in the store. The first fill with my favorite 70 VG liquid resulted in a little bit of liquid around the bottom airflow but I thought that was just me being messy and dismissed it. Apparently I was wrong because 2 hours later I looked over and my tank was 1/2 empty and the liquid was oozing down the side of my mod and across my desk.
    I have tried several of the free fixes suggested on this forum with no success. I refuse to try anything that will cost me anymore money as I felt like the tank was overpriced in the first place but at the time I was in a bind. So as of now this hunk of steel is sitting on my pile of bills as a reminder to me to never go back to the store from which I purchased it. They like MOST vape shops here where I live have a no return no exchange policy. I will also not be purchasing anymore Aspire products. I have ordered a Uwell Crown tank and a Sense Herakles and an Innokin Disrupter once those puppies arrive I plan to have an Aspire smash & trash with every coil, tank and mod I own. Thanks for the good times Aspire but now its time for me to say goodbye!
  • @BeccaKurtich There are some that are user error. Mine was. Simply tightening the coil into the base fixed it for me. No doubt some are due to manufacturing defects.

    Most folks work with Aspire's support system and get their problems sorted out quickly. Some of Aspire's retailers do not offer the support Aspire requires of them, even to the point of refusing to exchange obviously defective items. Folks buying from them scream loud and often. Hopefully Aspire and their distributors will cut those retailers off as soon as they can. Some folks have bought clones that are indistinguishable from the genuine Triton. These folks also scream loud and often, expecting Aspire to bail them out. It's not going to happen. They have been cheated by the clone manufacturers and retailers. I'd like to see these clone manufacturers and retailers given the old Arabic justice of having their hand cut off for stealing, Losing body parts may keep them from repeating their thefts.
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    Yesterday I swapped two of my Nautilus Minis for a Triton the owner claimed was leaking. All gaskets seemed to be in place. I cleaned it, and put in a new coil. No leaks after fourteen hours.

    The two my wife and I have been using have also performed flawlessly.
  • I'm still rocking the Triton, without any issues. Except for user error: I sometimes forget to rotate the top to vape from fill, and slightly burn a coil.
  • @Viruk Those with a problem are much more likely to seek out the forum, probably between one out of three to five dissatisfied customers. We would be lucky to hear from one out of a hundred satisfied customers here, it's probably closer to one in a thousand. 8->
  • @Old_Salt It makes a lot of sense - what's the phrase about a satisfied customer telling three friends but an unhappy one telling ten? Insert numbers depending on who you quote - and with the internet age the numbers increase by a sizable factor too I bet ;)
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    @Joel360 It's funny how you did not make the same comment to several other posters above who also are having problems - that is NOT, NOT having problems?

    Are you the thread police?
  • I also have good experience with my triton. It has been performing wonderful. Happy vaping!
  • I love my Triton! No problems at all! :x
  • I think I had some leaking issues with the .4 Ohm coil, but no issues at all with the 1.8 Ohm coils! The RTA deck is a bit tricky, but I find the vertical coil works very nicely with twisted kanthal.
  • 5 coils - 0 issues . I used many juices flavor always there !!
  • I love my Triton have had no problems with it at all
  • In the beginning i had problem with several bad coils, but since the Triton with 1.8coils for mouth-to-lung vape is my all-day favorite
  • @madblkwoman Wow, sorry to hear of your troubles. If your B&M will not refund or exchange you may have bought a fake. Did you check the Authentication Scratchoff number on the packaging? If there is none or if the number has been previously checked what you have bought is a clone of the real deal. Any self respecting vape shop will stand behind it's products especially if they are genuine as they have a recourse with the distributor and manufacturer regarding defective returned products. Best to check the authentication and always keep a receipt and ALWAYS buy from a reputable source.
  • I've had trouble - but I've had more success than trouble with my Tritons :)

    I have two constantly filled for all day vaping with them.

    As a side note - its surprising/unusual to see a "post once and run" user with something positive to say @Syranic
  • Interesting theory, I wonder how you count people that you don't know about?
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    @Viruk I signed up here after seeing so many complaints, especially at the likes of /r/electronic_cigarette. Most users recommend other subtanks there. Not sure why because it's working great for me. I was beginning to think I may have just been a lucky one. Since my last and first post, I've been vaping the 0.4 coil @ 40w now. Works even better!
  • @Syranic its great news its working for you :)
  • WOW I have heard a lot of bad things about the triton we now have 3 in our home and never have a problem with them leaking I always tell people to try and I hope when i give a thumbs up on something that its not a tank which is defected I hope mine continue to run strong i use the .4 as well at 40 watts and its amazing
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    Well I bought mine direct from Aspire and I have received ZERO replies let alone support so that rather puts your theory in perspective? How can they require a level of support from their retailers that they clearly do not give to their direct customers?

    Unless Aspire are selling clones?
  • @woodbar the post was anybody NOT having an issue with their Triton.
  • @woodbar well you said you have 2 are you you have problems with the second one?
  • No issues here other than user error
  • @Joel360 I was so disappointed withe the first one and with the lack of support from Aspire that I have not even bothered to try the second one which came in the Odyssey kit.

    A very expensive desk ornament.
  • @woodbar maybe you you should open it and try it maybe that one will work for you and you will change your mind about the triton.
  • @Joel360 I don't need to - the first one now works reasonably well after I repaired it - but my opinion of it is based on the fact that Aspire sent it to me with 2 parts missing and will not acknowledge that fact or even just send the relevant bits out to me whilst all the time we keep hearing about the wonderful support Aspire expects from the distributors in USA and UK etc. whilst China seems to offer zero support to their direct customers.
  • @woodbar well are you happy with it now? Does it perform the way you want it to? If so that is great did they send you the second one or did you buy it?
  • @Joel360 Answered in my two previous posts?
  • three authentic Triton tanks, using authentic aspire 1.8 ohm coils
    1.8 ohm coil issues, woes
    If I keep the tanks vertical, have not yet had a leaking/flooding issue
    If I have a tank horizontal, it tends to flood.
    But, but, but
    with CAREFULLY primed coil, and GENTLY breaking coil in at 8.5 to 9.5 watts for 1-2ml of juice (30PG-70VG), then going to wattage for flavor approx 10.3w for one juice, 12.6w for another, NIETHER coil survives past 6ml vaping, topping tank when eliquid gets to the top chimney holes. Coil Autopsy shows burnt cotton between coil and top of coil down leg of wire in most coils, the rest have that burnt cotton in addition to burnt cotton around the coil.
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