Just joined and wanted to say a quick hi :-h
Swapped to Aspire a few days ago after using other products for a while. Currently got the mini nautilus and CF VV+ and I'm impressed with it. Just got to find a good juice to go with it now :))
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  • Right on welcome. Try Mt. Baker Vapor ;)
  • @Joel360 I second that. Mt Baker has awesome juices and decent gear, and can quickly ease you into DIY if you are interested in that. :)
  • Sorry @Essdub I didn't realize you were in the UK. I think @Viruk has given some really nice options for you. Probably best to stick with something local. :D
  • @Viruk lots of good suggestions there, thanks. Not tried them but saw mt baker here
    Currently using Vampire Vape 60/40 which I'm enjoying and tried Liberty Flights XO range of 50/50 which are nice but some of them couldn't be described as an all day vape
  • Well, to be fair, Menthol and Anise are some of the strongest flavors out there. I just made a nice grape flavor with menthol, and to make 15 ml I need about 3 ml of grape flavor mixed with 8 drops of menthol. The menthol actually came out a bit strong, but will keep it in case I get a cold. LOL
    Another very strong flavor is Clove, but I like to mix a bit with tobacco flavors. It reminds me of smoking Djarum cigs as a kid... The best thing about all the flavors out there is that you get to hear all the fantastic names people come up with for their juice. I love the Breaking Bad references form VV!
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    @watkijw I've found menthol can drown out other flavours - and once a coil has had that flavour in it you can't go back! The blackcurrant frost I mentioned in an earlier post seems to strike a really nice balance for me. I found that adjusting the wattage brings out different aspects of the flavour - lower wattage is more blackcurrant, higher wattage is more menthol.

    @Essdub it's certainly not for everyone as we all have our own preferences/tastes, but I've enjoyed the Headbangin Boogie from Charlie's Chalk Dust - that's "blueberry popsicle". The only thing I noticed with that is that the smaller bottles were 30/70 (PG/VG) and even though the 120ml bottle I bought was listed as 30/70 it turned out the big bottle was actually 40/60. It's a little more harsh on the throat than the first bottle a friend bought that I sampled, but you can still throw clouds with the 40/60 from the Triton or an RDA :)

    I'm also a big blueberry fan - if you like the blueberry Redbull then I'd recommend "Blueberry Bullhorn" from the alchemists cupboard and a couple of the juices I got in my last Zamplebox I really enjoyed were "Veruca" (fresh blueberries) from Vapestorm and the absolutely awesome "The Ish" (blueberry and pomegranate) from RLVNT - I'm trying to find a supplier of RLVNT juice in the UK, so if anyone knows one please let me know :)
  • Welcome essdub. :-bd
  • @watkijw having another try of this Heisenberg and it's starting to taste a little better. I may have a go at making my own soon. I agree, some of the names are great :))
  • @Viruk I don't mind a good throat hit tbh. Not sure I'd be into a really high VG. 50% is the highest I've tried.
    One thing I have noticed with this CF VV+ battery is when you hit the Orange, you don't get much longer out of it lol
  • Thanks for the tip. I'll check em out. Received my vampire vape order just after I posted this and it's pretty good stuff >:)
  • @watkijw I haven't tried that yet they have so many flavors. :D
  • @Essdub Really? I heard it sucks! Hahaha, just kidding. :P
    I would just recommend keeping a fair ratio of PG in the mini Nautilus. Maybe 50/50. That tank will give amazing flavor! I honestly recommend it to everyone just starting out vaping. Miles ahead of every competitor IMHO.
  • I was using a high PG in my MPT3 for about 12 months but I've tried 50/50 in the nautilus which is good. The VV juice is 60/40. Good flavour and decent vapour too. There's a lot to choose from, eh? X_X
  • Welcome to the world of vaping @Essdub ! Absolutely unlimited options out there to make your experience unique. At least, for now until the lawmakers catch up to us! Be active in vapers' rights and vape on! :)>-
  • @watkijw thanks! I'm enjoying it more now with this aspire kit. Had an issue with gurgling when I first used it but it may have been a dodgy coil. Been fine since I changed it.
    Found a Mt Baker seller in the UK so will try it. Seems a bit expensive but sometimes, you get what you pay for :)
    I just hope the government doesn't tax vaping the way it does smoking [-O<
  • @Essdub I'm also in the UK and for a high VG juice I've really liked the two flavours from this range that I've tried:
    I've been vaping the Rainbow kick and Blackcurrant frost ones and really enjoy them both.

    I also used the Tootin Juice in my nautilus (50/50 juice) and that was good too.

    For US liquids I have bought some through UK suppliers, but they can get expensive as they're imported. I recently tried Five Pawns and really enjoyed that, however one 30ml bottle cost me more than a whole Zamplebox!

    I have started with Zamplebox and had some really good juices from them so far (my preference is for low nicotine and high VG now). The price from Zamplebox is good (add $10 delivery to the UK - I've had no other fees for shipping juices in) as it still works out way cheaper than trying to find US juices in UK stores.
    There's 10% off code if you use this link https://zamplebox.com/refer/Tim-BEVIWIXX

    Also Charlies Chalk dust has been a great one for me - I ended up buying a 120ml bottle of one of their flavours, but I wouldn't drop £60 on a bottle of juice unless I've tried it and really enjoyed it.

    Where did you find Mt Baker Vapor in the UK? I found the following http://ukvapers.org/Thread-Mt-baker-vapor-uk and the wholesale option listed on that discussion seems interesting - I'd want to know I like a juice before buying that much of it though!
  • Yes, some good ones there that I'll check out. Thanks
  • I heard good things about vampire vape but haven't got around to trying them yet. I know a few UK based suppliers carry Seduce Juice and I need to track down a good one - their flavour called Envy was fantastic (boysenberry and papaya) - its not one I'd have picked out myself but it came in my Zamplebox and I now need to get some more of it!

    I'd not heard of liberty flights, but they look to have some well priced options - although I'm tending to look for a minimum of 70% VG these days.

    http://greyhaze.co.uk/ seem to have some good options (and a good sale at the minute but that ends in just under 40 minutes!)
  • I ordered 4 from VV. Blueberry, Pinkman, Heisenberg and bat juice. Pinkman was ok. Bit like Raspberry. Heisenberg was like bloo loo and menthol. People rave about it but it's not for me. Blueberry (a personal favourite normally) was terrible. Was more Parma violet than anything. Bat juice isn't bad but it's not great. It's like raspberry and aniseed. A lot of people love them but the ones I've tried aren't really for me flavour wise. I'm going to try some different ones next time.
    I stumbled across a Liberty flights store and went in for a look. They're a bit dearer than VV but do a buy 4 10ml bottles and get one free for £20. You can try the flavours there too. Came out with a berry and absinthe, 3 cherry (they had no blueberry) and a sasparilla.
    They all seem to have the same base flavour (if that makes sense) and then the flavour they're supposed to be on top. Not bad though. Although the absinthe got a bit too much for me. Not a fan of menthol or aniseed really. Yup, I'm picky hehe
  • @Essdub no prob have you checked out Mt. Baker Vapor they deliver all over the world they have 132 different flavors.
  • @Joel360 not yet, but I will be doing :)
  • Right on I'm sure there will be something you would like. ;)
  • @Joel360 sorry. Been away for the weekend. Currently on Hangsen blueberry. Better vapour than when I used it with my MPT. Still got a decent throat hit too :)
  • Right that sounds good. I am on Happy Rancher it's green apple Jolly Rancher.
  • Right on I'm sure there is something that you will like. :D
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