Aspire Pegasus is coming,now with Temperature Control

Aspire Pegasus is coming,now with Temperature Control.
Know more about aspire Pegasus box mod,please click

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  • @Xanviour If you click on the link that Tina provided, it advises that the Pegasus has upto 50 Watts in Temperature Control Mode and then upto 70 Watts in normal Power Mode.
  • @Tina What is the Ohm resistance range for the Pegasus in Temperature Control Mode or the lowest ohm that the Pegasus will recognize with a Ni200 wire?
  • @Dave_Rothchild ,we will deal with the order today,if we get the tracking number from the forwarder, we will email the tracking number to you by email. :D
  • @Dave_Rothchild
    I just hope that we get the new temp control Pegasus mod for those of us who did the shopping spree
  • @pia Tina advised that they will be doing a video manual for the Pegasus and will have it posted to the forum by weeks end. I was reading it on one of her post yesterday. TC will grow on you, once you start using Temperature Control, really simple once you get the process of that particular chip. The main thing with TC is making sure you set the resistance of the coil. So it seems, if it's Kanthal the Pegasus won't even allow you to enter TC Mode or if the Ohm resistance changes it will ask/allow TC Function. Joules and watts are closely related units (Technically, a Watt is one Joule per second, they are directly related.) The different between a Joule and a Watt is the difference between Energy and Power. Easiest way to look at it is there different units in a formula but directly related. Once you get your hands on the Pegasus everything will fall into place..
  • @woodbar I'll let you know tomorrow - mine is expected before the end of the day tomorrow...
  • OK nice device and all but why not making "3 clicks" to switch TC/normal instead of fire for 4 seconds ?

    When switching from a TC coiled tank to a "normal" tank you must lower the temp because you're obliged to make fire for 4 seconds to switch modes !

    Moreover each time the coil takes 30W at first, and high res. coils (1.8-2ohms) with cotton will just burn ! (i've just burnt 2 vocc 1.8 coils)

    I know we're all Aspire fanboys here but aren't those points obvious for everyone ?
  • thersmith said:

    Why does the kit only come with one piece of wire????

    @thersmith My Magma RDA came with two pre-wound coils that I threw away without using. Everyone that makes their own coils has their own preference for the material and gauge of wire. It would increase the cost by an order of magnitude, if Aspire were to include all the possibilities.
  • @JennyT3541 we will release activities for our fans through our forum constantly,please pay attention to our forum and attend in our activities and win you chance.
  • The link says nothing about temperature control. Also, when are retailers going to be sent stock?
  • please wait for a while,our website administrator is dealing with the problem.
  • @Southy321 Thanks, I missed that as the page didn't appear to be any different than yesterday.
  • @Xanviour ,the problem has been solved.
    You can know the details about aspire Pegasus box mod here.
  • @Southy321 the Pegasus cannot function with coils that have a lower resistance than 0.1 ohms. Coils reading between 0.1 and 0.15 will show their resistance as normal. Coils that have a resistance above 0.15 will continue to read as 0.15 when vaped in temperature control mode.
  • @Tina Thank you for the updated details on the Ohm Resistance for the TC Mode on the Pegasus. ;)
  • Trton's webpage has also been updated showing the new TC coils.
  • So...when will we actually get our Pegasus for those of us that won the shopping spree competition like 3 weeks ago?!?!?
  • @Old_Salt yes,we add the Ni200 0.15 ohm coil's information into the triton webpage.
  • @Tina are the TC coils available yet? They don't seem to be listed in your online store?

    I was hoping I might be able to add some to my open order (or swap some of the existing coils on the order to TC ones instead), is that possible?
  • I feel like a kid on Christmas, waiting for my Pegasus to ship... I have too many concerns about Nickel to use those TC coils, but am really thinking about getting some Titanium wire for the Triton RTA...

    Please hurry and ship to those of us who have been waiting a month! We are dying to see our new mods! :D
  • "Pegasus Riot" =))
    (seen on another forum but LOL)

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    @watkijw I don't think the Pegasus Mod is setup for Titanium Wire/Coils because you have to select the option & from there description it only advises of nickel mode for temperature control & it's an Aspire Chip. For example on the YIHI Chips, I wasn't able to use Titanium Coils/Wire on my IPV3-LI until they released a firmware update for that Temperature Control Mod. So at this time it appears that the Pegasus is only compatible with Ni200 Coils/Wire because even though they are both nonresident wires, they have a different heating time/rate/mathematical % to reach the desired Temperature (someone that's more technical could go into detail behind the time % it takes to reach each wires temperature). Because I accidentally selected Ti Mode on my IPV3-LI on a Ni200 Coil and when I fired the Mod. I could tell right away of the difference in the way it was heating the wire (looked down on OLCD & saw Ti & not Ni, then changed it right away). So from what they have released thus far, the Pegasus is only going to be compatible with Kanthal A1 & Ni200 Wire/Coils.
  • @Southy321 Thanks for the info. I would hate to waste money on Ti wire, only to have the coils not work. I had planned on using Kanthal anyway, so will stick to that plan for the time being. I am really hoping more research will be going into Ni and Ti coils so I can make an educated decision about them. :)
  • @Southy321 I looked again at the new description of the Pegasus, and this is listed:
    Temperature control(viable with Nickel and titanium coils)
    I just might be placing that Ti wire order after all... ;)
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    @watkijw Thanks for bringing that to my attention. When I brought up the description last night it only advised of Ni200 Coils/Wire for TC Mode. But I just clicked on Tina's link to the Pegasus and they added Titanium Coils/Wire option for TC Mode. Which makes since that it would include it, I didn't want to purchase Titanium Wire and not be able to use it with the Pegasus. I guess I'm going to be adding the Ti Wire from my wishlist to my cart for checkout after all. Thanks for the update.. :\">
  • @Dave_Rothchild
    I just hope that we get the new temp control Pegasus mod for those of us who did the shopping spree

    This has been stated in many, many, many posts and on their FB...the answer is "yes" 8-|
  • Sooo excited, my Pegasus just shipped out of Hong Kong too! Woot woot! :O)
  • piapia
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    I hope the user manual will be more detailed about the TC feature than the 3 lines in the product page. The mode-switching method is not clear for me.

    Making fire for 3 second to change mode : the coil will heat for nothing so ? :-?

    And power-vapers who inhale more than 3secs will see their Pegasus change mode each time they inhale 3secs ??

    and what about the joules regulation? switching between Ni and Ti coils ?
  • Delivery date of Monday 24th by end of day! EXCITED!!!
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