Triton Rubber O-Rings

  • @shucks71475 That makes prefect sense. I would increase the power or press the fire button a bit before taking a draw would help get the liquid vaporized more. Personally, I would increase the power setting ;)
  • My Triton that was sent to me early from Tina (what a gal!) did not have the clear or the wide black o-ring, but I haven't had any leaking issues, on the top anyway.
  • If you tank like a half second to 1second draw after you stop firing, you will clear all the vapor from the tank and it will not condensate as much in the base of the tank.
  • @Subroto & @Southy321

    Back to the original post - I received a new Triton today that I ordered along with the Pegasus. The promised O ring replacements didn't arrive, but I can confirm that on a new Triton tank, the clear O ring is in the upper section the same as the tank on the left in the very first photo.
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