Atlantis 0.5 v2 Coils with Atlantis v1/MVP 3.0 Problem

I have just received the new v2 coils 0.5 and when I vape it doesnt feel right. The vapor production is poor and it taste weird. I dont understand as it states 0.5 on the coils but there is a huge difference compared to the v1 0.5 coils. Has anyone else had this issue ?
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  • @acmad12345 Did you prime your coil? And did you leave it to wick adequately before firing it?

    What wattage are you using? Its best to start low and gradually work the wattage up on a new coil; did you do this?

    Did you check the scratch code to see if it was a genuine coil?
  • Yes the coils are different the v2 has bigger wicking holes and there are 4 airholes on the bottom of the coil. Which gives it more airflow so you have to find the sweet spot on your airflow.
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