Triton Rubber O-Rings

My Triton has been leaking. I think I found the reason why. My friend just recently got the same tank and it looks like I got the wrong O-Ring put on mine.

The left one is the one I got and the right one is the one my friend got.

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  • Let me know what happens. It certainly does seem like they ran out and decided to use what they had.

    Aspire, that's a no no.
  • I think the purpose of the top o-ring is to seal the top AFC, and hold the Air Flow control to the tank. I highly doubt that it is part of the leakage problem some are experiencing.

    I have the white o-ring. I give the Air Flow control a little twist when removing or re-installing it. I've had no leakage other than that due to mistakes on my part.
  • @Viruk Thanks for the FYI about the channels you went through with Aspire. That helps a lot and will take that route. Good looking out. :D
  • @midnightwolf the change I noticed on the 0.4 ohm Triton coil was very sudden - it was after a clean of the tank. In your experience would a coil like that suddenly change from great to terrible in an instant or would you expect to see a deterioration over time? (I'd expect the latter myself, but not all expectations are correct!)

    In terms of the leaking from the bottom of the tank - I had way too much liquid for it to be condensation, this was accompanied by a significant drop in the level of liquid in the tank. I can't believe it was condensation in my particular case - however if the wicking material had broken down I can see the plausibility of liquid getting through.... I'm into speculation there though.

    I also noticed massive amounts of liquid pooling in the upper section. In the section that we discussed the missing O ring, below the air hole - basically inside that piece at the same height that the missing (or different) O ring is located.
    I've had way too much liquid in there for it to be condensation; for example: on the 0.4 ohm coil (towards the end of its life), it would only take a few hits before I'd have to take the top section out and clean up a lot of liquid. When I started using the 0.5 ohm there was condensation in there, but I didn't have to get tissue in there and absorb all that liquid after a whole evening of chain vaping it.
    I guess the same logic of assuming wicking material breakdown allows more liquid to get to places it shouldn't, could cause draws on the tank to pull excess liquid further up the chimney and in to the upper section...

    I'm now almost 72 hours in to the use of the life of the Atlantis coil and I'm starting to get some of the same symptoms again. I've been mainly using the Triton on the CF mod so I'm not able to tell what wattage its using, obviously this changes as the battery gets drained, but I do tend to keep the 18650 batteries I use topped up so it will be at the upper end of the wattage range for the coil. I'm swapping to a different mod and will experiment with different wattage. At the minute it looks like I'm getting the best experience using 28-29 watts, below 25 doesn't give me satisfying vapour production.
    I might have to get out to a store and pick up another Atlantis coil, stick exclusively to known wattage on a different mod and see if that makes a difference.
    I'm not well experienced with sub ohm coils and I guess I need some better idea of what different wattages do to the life and quality of these coils...
  • I have the clear o-ring on mine also but I just clean mine after every tank. It's all good. :D
  • I have had leaking issues and with my tank, it definitely has something to do with the air flow for the drip tip. When it starts to leak, I wash the air flow and drip tip with warm water, and once replaced, the leaking stops. No other changes are made. There is an oring INSIDE the airflow that seals around the chimney that I find will get saturated with fluid. When it does, it seems to leak past this point. If I look in through the drip tip, I can see that the chimney is right at the height of the oring, just barely making contact (pic added). The only way juice could get into the coil through the airflow regardless of outer ring, is through this point. It's my belief that when juice collects here, it begins to wick through.

    Even if my theory is wrong, I can definitely say that washing the airflow fixes the issue immediately.
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  • That's weird?

    My Triton, that I got last week, has been performing well but it is a bit "leaky" and it has the small white ring like yours and when I first saw it I did not think it looked "right" as it can float about in the recess, just as it is doing in your picture?

    I have just ordered another one, as part of the Odyssey kit, so it will be interesting to see what comes with that.

    The one on the right looks like it was designed for the job and the ones we have got look like a "fit those because we have run out of the proper one"????

  • What the hell. I have the clear small O ring. Aspire needs to give us the thicker one.
  • @Subroto I had a similar problem - although my O ring from that spot was missing entirely. I am due to be sent a replacement but that's coming with the Pegasus I ordered so I'm still waiting...

    My picture is in the following thread:
    The image on the left is from Aspire support, the image on the right is mine. Their image is the same as your one, I'm wondering if there's been a revision to the design already?

    I'll post back when I get my additional O rings sent out :)

    In the mean time, I you noticing much difference in the way the two tanks in your image vape? Has it helped cut back any leaking problems with the bigger O ring in your friend's?
  • @Subroto's friend here.

    I have had absolutely no leaking problems with mine at all. The bigger O ring makes an incredibly snug fit.

    It's working like a dream. Hopefully Aspire can resolve this! :-S
  • Hmmm... mid production change? I know that the one I got (one of the early ones) has the white O-ring. Actually it had the white O-ring... I lost it somehow, somewhere. I've running it without one, and haven't had any issues.
  • @Guz Me and @Rukongai got it in the same week.
  • Where is possible to buy this new oring. But not from aspire shop bicouse shipping cost to Ireland is 29$ X(
  • Also I'm disappointed of this. Bicouse when Aspire Chang something they need send oring for people who bought Triton, also need send that oring to shops. And shop should be send to the customers. But I spoke with people from shop where I bought Triton, and they don't heave new orings. X(
  • @Saski1 what's your specific problem? Are you having leaking issues too? Or do you just have a different/missing O Ring?

    Did you try contacting Aspire support about it?

    Did you raise your problem with the shop where you bought the Triton?
  • I heave leaking from the top, when my tank is full. I contact whit the shop and all Triton heave just old small o ring. I also contact Aspire and of course you can buy new bottom air hole with that new oring. But shipping to Ireland is 29 $
  • I do mistake, I my previous message should be top air hole drip tip.
  • @Saski1 I'd suggest going back to the shop and requesting some more help - especially if you can show them the problems you've been having.

    I've posted an update on another thread
    Basically I had leaking at the top too, but this leaking stopped when I changed to an Atlantis coil - and I'm missing the O ring completely - maybe that would be worth a try if the shop won't help you further...

    Good luck anyway :)
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    @Tina Should there be an O-Ring were the OPs picture shows the clear on the left and the black on the right in the same spot. I finally got my Triton package, it turned out my uncle Mike (same last name as me) signed for the shipment when I was on vacation and I found the package today in the garage (after talking with my extended family and seeing whose signature was on the DHL shipment for my Triton Tank b/c it wasn't mine). I'm so happy to finally have my Triton Tank, RTA System, & hat. But as in Viruk picture, I'm also completely missing the #4 O-Ring on the top AFC. Is it possible to have this shipped with my Pegasus Order?
  • @Guz I got a preproduction from the contest and it has the thicker black o-rings. My early regular production also had the same black o-rings. I wonder what the deal is with all of this.
  • @midnightwolf I also got a preproduction Triton Tank from the promotion but I'm missing the #4 O-Ring. If you look at Aspires picture or were the OP of this post has the clear/white O-Ring on the left and then on the right has a thicker black O-Ring in the same spot. I'm completely missing that O-Ring. Did did yours come with the #4 O-Ring right under the top AFC slot were it's machined out? I'm just curious since it sounds like the few of us received the pre-production Triton Tank from the promotion.
  • So it seems like I'm missing the #4 O-Ring like @Viruk has also mentioned that it was missing from his preproduction Triton Tank like mine.
  • @Southy321 Weird, I just noticed one of the AFC's have a very small clear one o-ring there and one doesn't have anything. Never noticed this before. I wonder if something was changed now. Funny that they would put a very small one there because it moves around and seems to do nothing.
  • Below is taken from the online Aspire shop. You can clearly see what o-ring is suppose to be there. I would say that provided with this image, a lot of people got the wrong o-ring or no o-ring at all on the afc. I have the bottom o-ring on both but not the larger one.

  • @Southy321 I'd gone through an exchange of emails with Aspire support about it and they asked if I was ordering anything from their store. I have a Pegasus on order and sent them that order number so they could add some O rings to the order. I'd recommend emailing support to get a case raised if you have had issues.

    We sent some pictures back and forth and I answered a few questions before we got to that point though.

    I'm not sure this will solve the problem - I changed to an Atlantis coil and I've not had anything like the leaking I got with either the 1.8 ohm coil or the last week I used the 0.4 ohm coil.
    I did have about 3 weeks of great vaping with the 0.4 ohm coil before that started to have problems.

    I don't think it's likely to be a tank problem as the leaking stops when I change a coil. I'm not sure if something is failing in the coil, or there is just some wear and tear that's causing an issue. Either way - the lack of the O ring shown in my picture is not causing any problem at the minute. I did point out to support that I couldn't see how that missing O ring could have an impact on the leaking from the lower section - but I'm happy to give this a try even if it only helps rule out options.
  • @Viruk It is normal to experience some leaking from a coil that needs changed. This is due to the fact that the wicking material breaks down from the heat. 3 Weeks is pretty good.

    Most of what seemed like leaking to me was condensation on the base hardware. It is normal and looks like e-liquid. With how these tanks are, condensation happens in a lot of places on it.
  • ok - having gradually ramped up from about 23 to 30w it seems to have settled back down. I was getting a bit of spitting but not leaking and now its back to great vapour production.

    I'm wondering if some of my problem is the variability (or lack of control) of the output wattage on the CF mod. When the power can be tweaked things seem to settle down nicely.

    I don't know how long I'll be waiting for my coils to ship with the Pegasus order so I'm going to head out to my local store and grab a couple of spares :)
  • I am experiencing the exact same leaking issues on the Titan. Leaking from the bottom vent and from the top afc. This all started within 3 or 4 days of operation on the .4 ohm coil vaping at 25 watts on eleaf 50w. I was attributing it to vaping cinnamon although I have never experienced any problems using cinnamon in the Aspire Nautilus, Kanger PT1 or PT2. I too have the clear O-ring on the afc. Additionally, it seems like the inner O-ring in the afc, the one that seals around the chimney, seems to be swollen. The afc will not seat onto the tank and pushes itself out. Initially, I thought that it was one of the two outer O-rings keeping the afc from seating properly but after removing them, it was still doing it. This started happening at the same time that the leaks began. I was really excited to get the Titan and was impressed with it's performance until it started gushing juice. I purchased the Triton from a shop while I was out of town. I have checked the security code and verified that it is authentic. None of my local vape shops can help as none seem to be experienced with the Titan yet and none of them sell replacement O-rings. I was just about to head out to try to find replacements at an auto parts store or hardware store.
  • @shucks71475 First flick out the excess juice (or take off the base clean out with a cotton swab) and then try bumping up the wattage a for a bit, take it up to 30-35 watts. It will be a warm vape, but try it for a bit, then lower it back down to your desired wattage and see if things leak around the bottom.
  • Thanks, @Guz for the suggestion. After reading through some of the other threads, I have a theory. afc O-ring issues aside, I think the leaking issue has something to do with the draw of the user. I was changing from a Nautilus tank with a 1.8 ohm coil. This setup has a much tighter draw. I do not draw directly into my lungs so I have a much shorter draw time. The Titan allows for maximum unrestricted airflow. I think that maybe with the shorter draws, the coil is not given enough time to vaporize the juice, floods, overflows, and then leaks as a result. Does this make sense and sound plausible?
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